New Year Resolutions

Hi everyone,

With Christmas very rapidly approaching I’ve not had all that much time for this blog this week, especially working in retail. I did though begun to think of what New Year resolutions I can make for next year, and realistic ones at that! So far I have come up with:

1. Leave an extra 5-10 minutes earlier so that I can take my time getting to a place and therefore, stick to the speed limit.

2. Focus on my teaching graduate degree – sorry to all who have enjoyed the daily postings on this blog but the posts will become less frequent come end of January when I return for my final year of university.

3. Get as many new wines varietals under my belt for the Wine Century Challenge.

4. Make more time to catch up old friends who I haven’t seen for too long!

5. Discover a good Italian restaurant in Perth that can become my favourite place for a good pasta dish.

How has everyone else’s Christmas shopping and New Year resolutions gone? Also I’m happy for recommendations from people to help me out with resolution number 5!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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