London Pub Meal

When I first arrived in London I caught up with a friend from back home and he suggested that we go to a pub for dinner as we had quite a few months of catching up to do. We ended up checking out one of the two larger chains of pubs in London – the one we ended up going to was a William Morris.

As we were planning to spend a while in the pub catching up I ended up ordering a pitcher of a cocktail to try out and settled on the ‘Woo Woo’ (£9.69) which contained ‘Archers peach schnapps, Smirnoff vodka, cranberry juice’ and was a very easy to drink cocktail.

For dinner I ordered the chicken and bacon pasta (£6.79). The pasta was as expected for the price – a little over cooked, flavours were a little lacking but overall it was edible and did the job of being food for dinner.

While the meal did nothing to inspire me for the price I could not complain and the drinks were very cheap too. I would probably head back again but only for the prices and with good company.

Lunch @ Mr Greek, Toronto

My last day in Canada was spent with my extended family having lunch at Mr Greek. I ordered the Greek Style Chicken Penne which was ‘Marinated fire-grilled chicken fillet, roasted pepper, fresh basil and pennon a light garlic cream sauce with a side or garlic bread‘ ($13.95). The dish came with a choice of sauces between the garlic sauce that I picked, a rose sauce or a fresh homemade zesty tomato sauce. The meal was very filling due to it’s size and the flavours balanced out nicely.


Greek Style Chicken Penne ($13.95)

We spent a while in the restaurant as it was our last meal together before I had to head back to London. The waitstaff were wonderful and not pushy at all with us remaining for a few hours. I would happily go back to this restaurant as I would love to try their Gyro’s which looked amazing!

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