Lunch @ Jamie’s Italian, Perth

I caught up with some university girlfriends for lunch at Jamie’s as I knew I had to squeeze in another visit before I left and as some of the girls had not yet been to Jamie’s this was the perfect chance to go. We arrived around 3 and as a walk-in group we were quickly seated with very friendly and professional service along the way.

We began our Jamie’s experience by ordering some drinks. I selected the Florence Fizz ($16.50), which contained Limoncello, pomegranate juice, elderflower cordial and Prosecco. Miss Y ordered the Amalfi Punch ($15.50) after requesting a sweeter cocktail. The Amalfi Punch contains vodka, limoncello and strawberry puree with a squeeze of lemon, finished with pink peppercorns. The other two, Miss N and Miss K ordered the homemade lemonade and lime bitters ($5.00).

Once the drinks were sorted we decided to order some entrees to share. I quickly spotted the Fried Three-Cheese Gnocchi ($9.50) and one of the other girls had tried it before and loved it so we decided to order a serve of that to share as well as the Crispy Squid ($12.50). The Crispy Squid dish was quickly devoured by those who ate calamari and all I heard was positive comments about the dish. The only complaint we had with the entrees is that the gnocchi was delicious and there was not enough of it!

After our entrees we then received our main meals. I ordered what I believe has become my favourite pasta dish at Jamie’s – Jool’s Favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli ($13.00 entrée). Miss K ordered the Spring Pea and Mint Ravioli ($14.00 entrée) that I had tried on my previous visit to Jamie’s. Miss N ordered the Honeycomb Cannelloni Three-Ways ($22.50) and Miss Y ordered the Prawn Linguini ($16.00 entrée). All the main dishes were enjoyed and we were barely able to part with our dishes even to share a mouthful but the temptation to try them all won out. Jamie’s again did not disappoint with their pasta!

To end our meal we found room in our already quite full bellies to look over the desert menu. I ummed and aaahhed as to whether I should get the brownie again or try another of the deserts, Miss K helped me out in this regard by ordering Jamie’s Epic Brownie ($10.00) and promising she would share some of it with me. Miss Y ordered the Creamy Pana Cotta ($8.50). Lastly Miss N and myself ordered the Special Tiramisu ($11.00) and Raspberry Frangipane ($8.50) to share between us. I really enjoyed the brownie, pana cotta and raspberry frangipane,however personally I found the tiramisu to be too overwhelming with an alcoholic taste.

Once again it was another fantastic dining experience at Jamie’s and one, which we timed perfectly – finishing our meal just as the dinner rush was arriving. The whole group enjoyed the meal from start to finish and the service was professional, prompt and friendly like always. I look forward to seeing how Jamie’s has grown and developed when I return to Perth.

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Post Theatre Dinner @ Jamie’s, Perth


I went back to Jamie’s Italian in Perth after going to see Peter Pan at the ballet last month. I arrived quite late in the evening, and was worried that we were too late to be seated. However, the staff at Jamie’s happily found us a table and had food out to us in no time at all!

For my main meal I ordered the Spring Pea and Mint Ravioli and a Peach Belini to go with it. Our pastas did not take long at all to come out of the kitchen even at 9pm at night. I was impressed with the speed and presentation of the kitchen so late in the evening. I enjoyed the flavours in this dish and it was a nice, simple summery dish.

After we finished our pasta we quickly agreed that we still had room for desert, a favourite of mine at Jamie’s. I did look over the desert menu but could not pass up another chance at having the brownie again. The brownie was better than the first time I tried it, a very nice rich and moist brownie and hot chocolate was the perfect end to my night out in the city with friends at the ballet.


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Lunch @ Tabella, Fremantle

A few months ago I went to Tabella in Fremantle with a friend as I was intrigued by their menu and curious to try a restaurant in Fremantle that I had not been to before.


I chose to have a Arneis as it was a nice warm day so a wine with the description of ‘Nashi pear and pithy fruit with lime zest and minerals’ sounded perfect – and it was quite a delicious drop. I have heard many good things about the wine list at Tabella and this wine did not disappoint me.


For our mains I ordered the salad which had roast pumpkin, beetroot, pine nuts, goats cheese and chicken. I really enjoyed this dish and would happily return for another serving. The gnocchi with slow cooked beef ragu’ was also an exceptional dish. I could not stop myself from stealing the gnocchi and beef from their plate as it was delightful and for such simple flavours so well executed! Both dishes were an absolute hit at Tabella.



Torta di Mele. ($11)

After we had finished our mains I decided to look over the desert menu and spied an apple crumble which is a weakness of mine. I was a little disappointed by this dish however after the exceptional standards of the mains. The crumble was overpowered by an orange liqueur flavour and was not enjoyable.

Overall I enjoyed my meal at Tabella. The service was friendly and I have since returned and enjoyed another meal with them. I will have to keep myself free for one of their Pasta and Wine nights that they hold every Tuesday, check out their Facebook page for more information.
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Jamie’s Italian, Perth


Back in July I caught up with a friend L and we decided to try our luck at Jamie’s Italian in Perth for a Friday lunch. L managed to grab a spot in the line minutes before the opened at 11am and by the time I arrived a few minutes past 11am we were instantly seated. We opted to skip entrees after snacking on the complimentary bread basket to save room for desert, and let me tell you that was a smart move on our part!

Bread Basket

Bread Basket

I ordered the Tagliatelle Bolognese main size ($19) along with a Jamie’s iced tea ($16) and split a side of the Posh Chips ($6.5) with my friend. The chips were a bit of a let down after all the hype I had heard about them as they were nice but nothing special. The pasta however was perfectly done both on cooking and portion sizing, especially for the price.

With mains out of the way we settled in for looking at the desert menu. I had my mind made up before arriving that I would be having the brownie ($9) – however the rest of the desert menu at Jamie’s sure put up a temptatious fight. I had heard mixed reviews about the brownie. My first bite into the brownie was looking like it would be a disappointment as it was quite dry on the outside, however I quickly found that the centre of the brownie was not like that and was instead a rich, decadent, and gooey delicious brownie. The brownie like the pasta did not last very long, and was followed up with a pot of tea ($4.25 for one) as L and I continued to catch up and work off the food coma we had developed over our lunch at Jamie’s.

We left the restaurant about an hour and a half after arriving and in that time it had gone from a near empty restaurant to a packed one with a line forming out the front. The noise level towards the end definitely encouraged us to move on to continue our catch up to a quieter spot. Really loved the food, the service was exceptional, the only downside was the popularity of Jamie’s making it very loud and noisy come peak-lunchtime. Definitely worth the visit but try to catch them in an off-peak time to be able to enjoy the meal peacefully and to be able to give it the justice the food deserves.

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Isola di Capru, Phillip Island

Hi everyone,

This is my last restaurant review from my time in Melbourne and is for Isola di Capru on Phillip Island. We came to Phillip Island for the penguin parade which occurs nightly on the island. As we had to wait until sunset for the penguins so we ended up in the town of Cowes for dinner.


One of the adorable penguins from Phillip Island.

We settled on Italian as I had been craving Spaghetti Carbonara ($19.50 main) for the week before the trip. Mum settled on a simple bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese ($12 entree) and my cousin had a Chicken and Mushroom Risotto ($24.50 main). The full menu can be found here. The Carbonara was a little disappointing compared to the rich sauces that I create when I make it at home this meal seemed less flavoured and rich as well as a thinner sauce. The Risotto on the other hand was well received and so filling that my cousin was unable to finish it. We also had another friend from Perth come along for the meal







Side of Chips.

Side of Chips.

To go with our meals my cousin and I ordered glasses of wine each. I had a glass of 2009 Serafino Chardonnay ($8.5) and my review of the wine can be found in this post. My cousin selected a glass of the 2012 Grant Burge Moscato from the Barossa Valley ($8.5).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was bustling and relaxed. Service was quite hard to come by when we had our meals slowly trickling out of the kitchen. The gentleman who I believe was the owner was a delightful man to meet and had such a cheeky and vibrant personality that drew us into the restaurant. For being seated right by the kitchen and bar and next to the main thoroughfare in the restaurant it was hard to get a waiter to ask for the rest of our dishes and some parmesan for the pasta.

Overall I was disappointed by my meal and the service, others that I was dining with were content with their meals however.

Until next time!

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Funtastico, Subiaco

Hi everyone,

My Subiaco lunch friend and I could only arrange a dinner catch up with all the hecticness of the Christmas and New Year period. I was in the mood for a little bit of comfort carbs after having spent the afternoon dealing with graduation mishaps at University. With my request in mind my friend suggested Fantastico, having been there in the past with her family and I’m glad she did!

We both picked out a Pasta dish each and had a serve of fries with aioli for us to share. I decided upon the Ravioli Napoletana which was delicious and just hit the spot for what I was looking for! With my dish I had a glass of Cape Mentelle’s Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, it was a nice crisp and refreshing drink for the hot evening meal.


Ravioli Napoletana ($28).

My friend chose Penne Con Funghi Di Bosco E Pancetta which was one of the other dishes I had been eyeing off on the menu. My friend was impressed with her meal also and like my dish the plate was bare when she was done with it.


Penne Con Funghi Di Bosco E Pancetta ($29).

The aioli that came with the fries was delightful! The chips as well were cooked quite nicely and were also quite handy for mopping up the last bits of sauce on my plate.


Patate Fritte with Aioli ($10.8)

The service at Funtastico was good, especially considering there was a few large and quite loud groups in the restaurant at the same time as us. We ended up finishing our meal in Subiaco at Gelare as my friend was in want of a strawberry ice-cream cone. I would happily return to Funtastico for a pizza and to try their deserts as they did look delightful when we went in but we had already decided upon Gelare for desert as we walked to the restaurant.

 The menus of Funtastico can be found here.

Until next time!

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Pizza Bella Roma, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

Bit of a backlog of restaurant and meal reviews so I thought I would post this one today and tomorrow!

After attending Beer Royale at the Sail and Anchor in Fremantle a few weekends ago BF was in need of food and I was in need of a glass of wine so we opted for Pizza Bella Roma, a well loved italian restaurant along the cappuccino strip in Fremantle.


BF had the Carbonara with a beer while I had the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and a glass of Omaka Spring Sauvignon Blanc off the limited wines list.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.

The wine was nothing special for me. However it received a much welcomed sigh after all the beer I had just sampled and tried to not mind too greatly, much to BF’s amusement/disgust.

Omaka Sauvignon Blanc.

The pasta was nice and filled us nicely so we couldn’t complain. The menu’s that Pizza Bella Roma uses however was disappointing. Personally paper menu’s should not be seen in a restaurant that has been around in Fremantle for as long as Pizza Bella Roma.

Until next time!

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