Lunch @ Breezes on Como, South Perth

Before I left Perth I went out to lunch with my friend Miss J. Miss J suggested we try out a new restaurant and after a look in her entertainment book she settled on Breezes on the Como. When we arrived we were the first ones in the restaurant and the only ones for most of our meal, which did not bother us as we had plenty of chatting to do before I left.


Maracuja Pice cocktail ($14.9)

While we looked over the menu and decided what we wanted to have for lunch we ordered a round of cocktails. I selected the Maracuja Pie cocktail, which consisted of ‘vanilla vodka, fresh passionfruit, vanilla Galliano, pineapple juice and a crumble dusting.‘ The cocktail was delicious and one that I will have again for sure!

We ordered some cheesy garlic bread to share as a starter. I ordered the Cordon Bleue for my main, while Miss J ordered the Linguine. I quite enjoyed my dish, it had an interesting array of flavours that to my surprise worked very well together. Miss L also enjoyed her meal, saying it was nice and quite filling.

Overall the restaurant and food was nice. The service was prompt. The atmosphere was lacking, although we did have a mid-week lunch. I will be back for the cocktail when I return to Perth if they still have it on the menu and perhaps I should coincide it with dinner and see how the atmosphere compares to my lunch.
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Farewell Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a ‘T’. This two part post was the inspiration for this series as I have recently been looking back over this past summer and all the things I have enjoyed doing in and around Perth to do with drinking and dining.

This is the last post in the series as it was my last summer activity before I left for the UK. For my last day in Perth I chose to spend it with good company celebrating my favourite parts of summer in Australia. The highlight of the day was watching the sunset at the beach.


My last sunset at Cottesloe Beach

My last day in Perth was spent with good company celebrating at one of my favourite summer spots – the beach! While I was sitting with my friends on the foreshore watching the sun set after having a swim we all found that we were craving hot chips and a milkshake as the perfect snack. We found that Red Spoon did frozen yoghurt milkshakes and with some hot chips and sauce from Amberjack’s Fish and Chips we then settled in to watch my last Australian sunset for a few years.

Hot chips and a milkshake

Hot chips and a milkshake

I thoroughly enjoyed the view, food and company and think that I will have to spend many more evening like this when I return to Perth. I have recently been receiving reports that the weather is beginning to cool down in Perth so before it gets any chillier I would highly recommend this as a fantastic way to spend an evening!
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Summer Wrap: Girls Day in the Swan Valley @ The Cheese Barrel, Swan Valley

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a ‘T’. This two part post was the inspiration for this series as I have recently been looking back over this past summer and all the things I have enjoyed doing in and around Perth to do with drinking and dining.

Before I left Perth I made plans with some girlfriends from university to do a day trip out to the Swan Valley so I could visit the Swan Valley one last time before I left. On the day we all piled into a car, cranked up some tunes and headed out for the Swan Valley which was about a 30-40minute drive up Roe Highway from where we all lived.

All packed into the car and ready to drive.

All packed into the car and ready to drive.

When we arrived in the Swan Valley the first port of call was the Margaret River Chocolate Company’s Factory. We walk around the Chocolate Factory checking out the samples of chocolate, picking up a few pieces of chocolate for friends and family before heading over to check out Providore. At Providore we found a range of preserves, chutneys and prepared meal packages. There was lots of sampling of different preserves on offer and most were given a big thumbs up. There was also a quick sampling of the white wines from Coward & Black that Providore had for tasting, with the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc being the favourite.

After our time at the Chocolate Factory we made a quick stop at Yahava Koffee which had a lovely patio to sit under and enjoy a drink as you looked out over the vineyards and countryside. Some of the girls check out their coffee samples. I passed on on the coffee sampling and instead chose to marvel at the tranquil view from the shade of the patio. The reports back were that they took their coffee very seriously and if you want to visit to invest a portion of time to truly give this place the chance to impress you with their knowledge of and range of coffees.


Quick photo op in the vines at Olive Farm Wines.

By now it was lunch time and we were in need of a feed after our busy morning of driving and tasting. I had requested that lunch involve cheese and so we headed over to The Cheese Barrel for lunch. When we arrived we chose to sit at a table inside as it was a very hot day and the air conditioning inside the Cheese Barrel was lovely. A quick look at the menu made us realise we had no clue where we wanted to start so we opted to pick one of their platters. We ended up settling on the ‘Gather and Share’ Platter ($57.50) to share between the 5 of us. To go with the platter I selected a Phoenix Organic Ginger Beer ($4) as I was on driving duty that day. Others chose between a glass of Olive Farm Sparkling Brut ($9.50), a ginger beer or lemon lime bitters from Phoenix Organic.

The ‘Gather and Share’ Cheese Platter consisted of  ‘6 premium cheeses (3 soft and 3 hard) elegantly printed with Parisian baguette slices, lavish bites, premium leg ham, quiche paste, marinated olives, pan de high and seasonal fruit slices’. One of the soft cheeses was meant to be a blue cheese, however as I was the only one in the group who ate blue cheese and not a great deal of it the lady at the counter was more than happy to substitute a different soft cheese for us which was greatly appreciated.

The cheeses in clockwise order from the top were:

1. Labuche d’Affinois
2. Rouzaire Camembert
3. Mountain Man
4. Queso de Murcia Al Vino
5. Quickes Cheddar
6. Queso San Simon

Cheeses 3 (Mountain Man) and 4 (Queso de Murcia Al Vino) were the overall favourites however all the cheeses were enjoyed and finished off along with all the other delicious toppings that the platter came with! I have enjoyed a few platters from the Cheese Barrel and this one again did not dissapoint!

We ended our time in the Swan Valley with a stop at Mondo Nougat for some ice-cream as we drove home. The strawberry ice-cream they had turned out to be very sugary and not to anyones liking so we passed on the ice-cream and had a look around the shop before hopping back in the car and heading home.

A few more hours would have been lovely but many of us had afternoon plans to get back to. To make a full day in the Swan Valley I would suggest checking out some of the wineries in the region such as Sittella and Olive Farm Wines.

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Summer Wrap: Drinks (Part 2)

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a ‘T’. This two part post was the inspiration for this series as I have recently been looking back over this past summer and all the things I have enjoyed doing in and around Perth to do with drinking and dining.

With summer winding down in Australia I have been looking over the past few months for my favourite drinks, places to eat and things to cook during the season. With the warmer weather I found was perfect for drinking a few ciders with friends on the weekend. And this post picks up from my previous posts on good wines and cocktails to drink in the summer months, if you haven’t read that post yet you can do so here. While working on this post I brought in a dear friend and fellow cider-lover D from Perth who I used to work with, to help me narrow down our top favourites.


D and I have spent countless hours back when I used to work in a bottle shop in Perth eyeing off the cider fridge trying to pick out which one we would try next. It has been a long journey but it is safe to say that we have finally tasted our way through all the cider ranges now. The last cider we had to try was Rekorderlig’s Apple and Guava which was kindly sent to me by Katy so we could try it. When Katy reached out to me I remembered all the times D and I had stared at the cider fridge wondering which one we should try next and realised how overwhelming the expansion of the cider-market can be for people who just rush into the bottle-shop wanting the perfect cider for their needs at that point. This idea then grew to include the other thing I think of when I think cider, and that is summer! Summer and cider for me go hand in hand! Although I do drink cider year-round, I have a special spot for it in the hot afternoons in the summer months.

There are plenty of ciders on the market! Enough to make sure you have a range of favourites ciders for each and every occasion you could imagine! Ciders range in sweetness, flavours, alcohol content, and the intensity of the fruit in the cider. Each person ends up finding their own niche in the cider market. My preference is for the cider to be fruit driven and on the dryer side of the sweetness scale. I do also from time to time feel like a flavoured cider and having tasted many of these I was quick to adopt the Rekorderlig brand before it reached it’s crazed following that it rightly deserves in the cider-market in Australia.

Traditional Ciders

Below is a collection of ciders that have previously been features on this blog in the 18 or so months that I have been writing blog posts. I have tried many more but not taken a snapshot at the time. The Cidery is a favourite of mine but one that is not the easiest to find in bottle shops in Perth. Their ciders are true to the apple flavours and they have a range that will enable anyone to find a sweetness to their liking. I highly recommend stopping at the Cidery if you are in or around Bridgetown or even picking up some of their ciders if you see them in one of the smaller independent liquor retailers in and around Perth. Monteiths and Bulmers are my go-to ciders when I am out having drinks with friends and looking for something on-tap. Monteiths is a New Zealand cider and their ciders tend to have a softer finish while still being a dry cider compared to Bulmers. One other cider brand that I have been meaning to mention is Somersby. Somersby has been a newish addition to the cider market that has done very well this past summer and has become the all-rounder go-to for many people including myself over the likes of 5 Seeds and Strongbow ciders.

Flavoured Ciders

When it comes to flavoured ciders the market is not as large but there is still enough of a range for people to become perplexed by. Rekorderlig is the range that stormed onto the scene a couple of years ago and has been blazing a trail of popularity and success for other ranges such as Bulmer’s Blackcurrant flavour, Monteith’s flavoured range, Cheeky Rascal, and Kopparberg to start appearing on bottle shop shelves. All but the Cheeky Rascal (VERY high alcohol content which does not make for an enjoyable drink) ranges are nice, but it was Rekorderlig which won my heart over. Rekorderlig has a wide range of flavours that I have tasted my way through and while not all were favourites of mine I did not hate a single one.

D helped me out especially with this post when it came to reviewing Rekorderlig’s new Apple and Guava flavour. I have included his review word for word below with his permission as I felt it fit the cider to a ‘T’ and I could not have reviewed it any better!

Apple and Guava is one of the recent additions to my local liquor store shelf. An avid fan of the brands previous flavours, I was very keen to give this one a try. The cider manages to balance the flavour of the two fruits perfectly. The acidic level is much less obvious when compared to other ciders, a quality I have come to appreciate from Rekordelig. In saying this I also found this flavour less overly sweet than some of its siblings which are a bonus. The result of this balance is a much lighter feel in the mouth and enjoyed cool or better over ice, is just a great way to top off the day. I tend to find that my body doesn’t like too much at either end of the bitter/sweet spectrum before it starts telling me to stop. That can be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it I suppose but some days you just need a few, ya hearing me? ;P We all have those days.. Anyhoo, back to the A&G.. The guava becomes more noticeable as the palate clears. The apple is less detectable however given how many apple ciders are out there we can hardly fault it for stepping back to let Guava be the hero. It is very refreshing, perhaps the most of this brand’s varieties. It is lightly bubbly and has a very light pink blush. In fact, if you poured this into a sparkling wine glass no one would be any the wiser! 😉 This drink is ideal on those summery days but if I’m being honest, I am quite happy drinking something over ice anytime of the year so I won’t let the seasons slow me from enjoying the odd cold one.

Apple and Guava Rekorderlig

Apple and Guava Rekorderlig

Disclaimer: Katy at Exposure was kind enough to send me a case of Rekorderlig’s Apple and Guava to sample the new flavour.

Summer Wrap: Drinks (Part 1)

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a ‘T’. This two part post was the inspiration for this series as I have recently been looking back over this past summer and all the things I have enjoyed doing in and around Perth to do with drinking and dining. This post will be split over two entries as it was getting a little long. This post will be on wine and other drinks with follow-up entry coving my go-to summer drink – cider!

With summer winding down in Australia I have been looking over the past few months for my favourite drinks, places to eat and things to cook during the season. With the warmer weather I found myself gravitating towards and embracing white wine a lot more this summer than I have in the past. I also found the hot summer weather was perfect for drinking a few ciders with friends on the weekend.


With the warmer weather a dry white wine was my go to. I found myself seeking out dryer white wines, often a Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend or a Riesling. Castelli had a stall at UnWined WA last year and is where I ended up falling in love with their Riesling. If you are looking for a nice riesling and want it to be local I have yet to try a Great Southern reisling that I did not like!

Castelli Whites.

Castelli Whites.

I have also been enjoying a few bottles of bubbly with friends this past summer. Bubbles is a drink that is acceptable at all hours of the day from straight up or in a Mimosa for brunch right through to toasting and celebrating at the end of the night. I am loving Prosecco and Australian bubbles. A local favourite I tried at the start of summer last year was Sitella’s sparkling chenin blanc, this is a great bubbly with a twist! Highly recommend checking this wine out at their cellar door if you are visiting the Swan Valley or keeping an eye out for it on wine lists around Perth.

Sitella Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Sitella Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Lastly for those red wine drinkers who cannot give up their beloved red even in the heat of summer. I have found that chilling my red wines, especially lighter reds such as Pinot Noirs to be very enjoyable. Another option is to swap out your glass of red for a glass of Rose. I tried a lovely 2013 dry Rose called Cajones Muy Grande (a Grenache and Mourvedre blend) from Bakkheia Wines in the Geographe Wine region at a wine showcase last year, it was my favourite wine I tried that night.



When I was dining out with friends this past summer I found myself often gravitating towards a cocktail with my meal. When ever I am dining out at a beachfront location I always find myself in the mood for a cocktail. At Salt on the Beach just behind the dunes at Port Beach in North Fremantle I stumbled across a delicious and simplistic lychee cocktail. At The Pickled Fig off South Beach in South Fremantle I tried their Earl’s Punch cocktail and enjoyed its refreshing flavour. Lastly if you are in the CBD looking for a cocktail and meal combo you cannot go past Jamie’s Italian and its whole package. I have tried quite a few of the cocktails at Jamie’s and have yet to have a bad thing to say about any of them on their flavour and they are well priced!

Keep an eye out for the second instalment of this post up later this week!


Pre Swim Breakfast @ Bib and Tucker, North Fremantle

Miss S and I decided to return to Bib and Tucker to give their service another go when we went for another morning walk and swim at Leighton beach. When we arrived the place was half filled as we were given the choice of sitting inside or outside. We chose to sit outside in one of the lower couches and tables facing the beach.

It took a while for the waitress to come and take our order but we did not mind, as we did not have anywhere to be and plenty to catch up on. When the waitress arrived this time around we ordered all our drinks at once so there would be no chancing of drinks not arriving. I ordered a freshly squeezed Apple Juice as well as Russian Caravan Tea ($4.50) to drink. About 10 minutes after ordering our drinks another waitress came by and we each ordered some toast with homemade preserves choice of sourdough, ciabatta, quinoa & linseed and rye bread ($7.00). Both of us chose to select the sourdough toast for breakfast.

The drinks arrived a little while after we placed our food order and not long after that our toast arrived also. I selected the sourdough toast and it arrived with berry preserve, apricot preserve and butter. I enjoyed the bread and preserves and it just hit the spot.

The service was far better than our previous time, however it was still slower and disorganised than I would have hoped and expected. Thankfully Miss S and I had a lovely view of the water to watch and nowhere to rush off to but I do hope that the service at Bib and Tucker can tighten up as it does let the place down.

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Pancake Lunch @ Pancakes at Carillon, Perth

I caught up with my friend Mr A for lunch during his lunchbreak so he could introduce me to Pancakes at Carillon which he had discovered and then raved to me about. When we arrived after a quick walk from his office we were quickly seated and presented with menus by the friendly waitress. The menu was larger than I expected and took me back to memories of my visits to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) when I was last in the States with the lists of different flavoured pancakes and crepes options.

After about 5 minutes the waitress returned to take our orders, it was a little rushed but considering it was mid-week and during common lunch hours I we did not mind as we had places to be. The food like the ordering did not take long either; with what seemed like barely another 5 minutes we had our pancakes in front of us.

I ordered the Bavarian Apple Pancakes, which contained ‘hot cinnamon spiced apples and sultanas with two buttermilk pancakes topped with cream, vanilla icecream and dusted with cinnamon sugar’ ($14.90) along with an Iced Chocolate ($4.90). I quite enjoyed the pancakes but soon realised that their size was deceptive as they were quite filling and found myself unable to finish my serve, as my eyes had been hungrier than my stomach was. I enjoyed the pancakes, they were fluffy and cooked just right and the apple and cinnamon flavouring is a favourite of mine so it did not disappoint.

Overall I enjoyed Pancakes at Carillon and think it would make for the perfect stop or start for weekend shopping in the city. Pancakes at Carillon is located on the top floor of the Carillon City Arcade next to the ABC Shop.

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Post Swim Lunch @ Salt on the Beach, North Fremantle

On Christmas Eve last year I went to Port Beach for a mid-morning swim and walk with my friend Miss S before I had to head into work. After we had been for our walk and swim we wandered past Salt on the Beach and decided to pop in for lunch. We ordered our food at the bar and took and outside table, at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and the place was empty save for an elderly couple. While we waited for our meals to come out we sat and enjoyed the view.


I ordered the fish and chips as well as a lychee cocktail. I really enjoyed the cocktail as it was very refreshing for the warmish summer weather we were having around Christmas in Perth. I really enjoyed the fish in the fish and chips and would dare to say it has been the best I can remember having! The flavour was not overly fishy but just right, the texture was firm in that the pieces did not fall apart the moment you touched them and the batter was delicious but not overly oily. The chips were nice, nothing to rave home about but they paled in comparison to the highlight that the battered fish was in this dish. The only disappointment I had with the meal was that I found a live creepy crawly in the salad when I was halfway through eating it. I chose not to notify the staff when they collected our plates as I had eaten enough of the dish by that point to be satisfactorily full.

Overall it was a nice to walk right off the beach and enjoy a meal while we dried off. The staff were attentive when we needed assistance, otherwise they remained at the bar as the outside area seemed self-service for water and cutlery. I would happily return for another meal and a few drinks, I will however be a little more attentive to any side salads that accompany my dishes to make sure they have been washed properly.

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Post Theatre Dinner @ Jamie’s, Perth


I went back to Jamie’s Italian in Perth after going to see Peter Pan at the ballet last month. I arrived quite late in the evening, and was worried that we were too late to be seated. However, the staff at Jamie’s happily found us a table and had food out to us in no time at all!

For my main meal I ordered the Spring Pea and Mint Ravioli and a Peach Belini to go with it. Our pastas did not take long at all to come out of the kitchen even at 9pm at night. I was impressed with the speed and presentation of the kitchen so late in the evening. I enjoyed the flavours in this dish and it was a nice, simple summery dish.

After we finished our pasta we quickly agreed that we still had room for desert, a favourite of mine at Jamie’s. I did look over the desert menu but could not pass up another chance at having the brownie again. The brownie was better than the first time I tried it, a very nice rich and moist brownie and hot chocolate was the perfect end to my night out in the city with friends at the ballet.


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Dinner @ Nicholson’s Bar and Grill

I met up with my friend Miss J at Nicholson’s bar and grill for dinner one night while on prac to catch up on what had been going on in our lives and with our studies. After chatting for a while and looking over the menu we went up to the bar to order our drinks and meals.

I ordered the Gnocchi with a twist ($24) and found the portion size to be surprisingly deceptive! I ended up not getting through the gnocchi and saving some for lunch the following day so I could have room for desert. I really enjoyed this summery taste on gnocchi. To follow up on the gnocchi I settled on a slice of the Mars bar cake and a hot chocolate to finish up the meal. The cake was delicious, a nice rich chocolate cake slice with Mars Bars melted between the cake and icing.

I had not been to Nicholson’s for a few years but really liked the atmosphere at Nicholson’s and it was a good location to catch up for a few hours and enjoy a nice meal. I will have to return for sure as there were many delicious pub meals on the menu to try. Just a reminder to bring cash otherwise there is an ATM on site.

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