Borough Market, London

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Last week I caught up with my friend A from Australia who was over in London as part of her university course. We caught up during her lunch break at the Borough Markets as her placement was nearby. Before we had anything to eat we did a quick tour of the markets, because we went on a Tuesday the full markets were not opened so there were many closed stores and it did not have the vibe that I was expecting the market to have.

After our wander we spotted (and smelt) some Boston Burgers and knew we needed some of those in our lives. And with £5 each later and they were! As we munched on our burgers we wandered back through the market but still felt quite peckish and not in an I’m-ready-for-desert-way and so we ended up back at the curry and paella stall in the centre of…

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Seafood lunch @ The Fishmarket, Malliag

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While S and I were on our road trip through Scotland we stopped at Malliag for a meal as we had been recommended to eat in this town as it was the harbour from which all fish was distributed from. We choose to eat at The Fishmarket after a quick wander through the town.

After looking at their menu along with their specials board, S and I both settled on the same dish of Grilled Salmon with sweet potato puree (£18.50). The dish came beautifully presented and I almost did not want to touch it but I am glad I did as the salmon was beautifully cooked. I was not expecting it but they also brought out a dish of vegetables to go along with the dish and it made for the perfect accompaniment to the dish.

We managed to get into the town just before the Jacobite steam train…

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Breakfast @ Pep and Fodder, Edinburgh

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For breakfast on our second day of the Scotland road trip saw us stumble upon Pep and Fodder after checking out the ruins at the top of one of the hills in Edinburgh and needing to seek refuge once the rain closed in again. From the second we walked in I instantly fell in love with the decor and cosiness of this cafe and loved the diagrams of what makes each different type of coffee above their menu board. S had wanted to go further afield to find a place that did eggs but I knew that I wanted to eat here and I am quite glad that the rain stopped us from going any further.

I originally ordered the porridge with compote but they were out and so had to settle for porridge with honey (~£2.50) instead. It was not a tough decision as the cold weather outside called for…

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English Tea Adventures: The Tea Box, Richmond

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The Tea Box in Richmond, London is a favourite of mine that I have been to on a few occasions while living in London. The teashop is located just off Richmond High Street about a 5-10 minute walk from the station. The tea menu at the Tea Box has a large variety of options from your usual black, white and green teas to alcoholic teas and speciality blends that can be had with a selection of scones, sandwiches or tasting platters.

The decor of the Tea Box has an oriental feel with the metal tables and menu covers and is filled with comfy oversized chairs that are the perfect thing to spend a few hours curled up in while catching up with friends over a few cups of tea no matter the weather outside. It can get a little crowded with the number of tables in the small space but…

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Summer Weekend in London: Lunch by the Thames River

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This past weekend I went with my good friend V to lunch at The Crabtree in Fulham before going to see a performance of of Shakespeare’s As You Like It at the globe (blog post on that can be found here). We decided on the Crabtree after feeling in the mood for a meal along the River and after checking out a post on Timeout for riverside meals in London settled on this location.

To begin the meal we felt in the mood for some sangria being on the river and V having recently returned from a trip to Spain and Portugal, but as they did not have any so we ended up with a jug of Pimms (£19) instead. With drinks sorted we set about checking out the menu and ended up deciding what desert we knew we had to have before we even looked at the starters or…

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Pubs of London: Richmond

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Having spent many afternoons, evenings, days and weekends in and around Richmond (including many of it’s pubs) I thought that it was only right to do a write up of those that I have been to. I did conduct a little extra research with some friends – we were very thorough in checking them out and below you will find a quick synopsis of many of the common drinking places in Richmond. I have sorted the locations into the following categories:

Richmond High Street (near to the station),

Richmond Green (a street away from the station and a 5 minute walk),

and the Richmond Foreshore (about a 10 minute walk from the station).

Red Cow

This pub is on the other side of the railway to the high street and makes for a much more local and quieter pub. A great place to go if you want to have a…

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Port Tasting @ Cockburn Winery – Porto, Portugal

While I was in Portugal with my family over the Christmas Break at the start of the year we stopped in at Cockburn’s Winery in Porto for a spot of port tasting and a winery tour before we left the city. The winery is located at the top of a hill that is quite steep – but one well worth walking back along to see some stunning views of the city on the other side of the river as you work your way back to the bridge.

The tour price included a tasting and was only a few Euros per person. We began with a guided tour of their winery and cellar facilities, followed by a short video on the winery and the family that run it before ending with a tasting of their Ruby and Tawny ports. It was quite impressive to see so many tanks and barrels filled with port, especially for someone like me who had never really given port the time of day prior to my trip to Porto. I have to say after my time in Porto I was wrong about port and it definitely has a time and place to be enjoyed along with all other wines!

Both ports were delicious. I had a slight preference for the Ruby due to it begin the lighter of the two however I am sure that was biased by my novice palate being that this was my first port tasting. I would happily drink either one again with some cheese and perhaps even as a spritzer on a hot summers day by the Duoro River should I ever return to Porto, something I do hope will happen again in my lifetime as it was a wonderful city to visit. Should you want read more about my time in Porto you can do so at my travel blog EuropeTravelandTeach. I would happily recommend this winery as a stop while in Porto.

Address: R. Serpa Pinto 346, 4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal