Summer Wrap: Brunch @ The Pickled Fig, South Fremantle

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a T. For those still wanting to dine somewhere that embraces the outdoors and the beach in Fremantle than Pickled Fig is the place to do so! I recently was at the Pickled Fig to have brunch with my gran.

On my last morning in Perth I organised to have brunch with my Gran. We had arranged to pick somewhere in Fremantle but would decide that morning when we knew what we felt like having. That morning my gran asked if we could go to The Pickled Fig as she had wanted to see what it was like. I quickly agreed to go as I have been to the picked fig many times but only once for their breakfast menu and wanted to try it out again.

We arrived around 9:30am on a Friday morning and found the place to be about half full. We were quickly met, seated and present with menus to look at. There was only one or two staff on the floor that morning and they seemed to be quite busy with the place half full, as it took a little while for them to return to take our orders, we were not bothered by this as we had plenty to talk about.

We were seated in the tables on the opposite side of the restaurant to the windows with the long bench and the funky patterned chairs. The booth seating was nice and comfy, though the fabric on the chairs showed signs of significant use either through the fabric being worn or torn and needing to be replaced.

I ordered a Fruit Fetish Juice consisting of orange, passionfruit, pineapple ($8.50), a Red Espresso Latte ($4.50) and the Eggs Benedict with ham ($16) for my breakfast. The juice arrived first and was nice and refreshing, and it made the wait for my food pass quickly. The Latte arrived just before my meal and was the perfect drinking temperature by the time my eggs came out of the kitchen. The eggs were deceptive in that the meal did not look very big and I was worried if it would fill me up as I had a busy day of last minute errands before I got on the plane that night. I need not have worried, as in the end it was just the right sized portion.

Towards the end of our meal the restaurant was getting a little stuffy from the warm weather that day. The staff however was already on to this as they opened up the bi-fold windows to get a breeze going through the dining area and made it a very enjoyable place to be.

Again I enjoyed the food at The Pickled Fig, as did my Gran. I will certainly be returning to The Pickled Fig when I am back in Perth.

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Weekend Brunch @ Bib and Tucker, North Fremantle

My friend Miss S and I decided to catch up for a walk and swim at the beach and when she picked Port beach I quickly suggested a detour past Bib & Tucker as I had been meaning to check it out. It was a lovely Saturday morning when we met up and after a nice stroll along the beach catching up ad building up an appetite we then headed over to Bib& Tucker. The restaurant was quite busy at around 10am  and we managed to luck in and arrive minutes before a large group of people arrived. There was also a kite surfing event that weekend which could have added to the number of people having breakfast there on that Saturday morning.

When we were seen by the staff we were lead to a table outside on the side verandah. The outside tables were the perfect spot to enjoy the cool summer morning weather.

After looking over the menu I could not go past their Breakfast Pizza while Miss S was eyeing off the Lemon and Ricotta pancakes. Miss S ordered a coffee to go with her pancakes while I ordered one of their freshly squeezed juices and a pot of tea (Russian Caravan).

I enjoyed my breakfast pizza however it was too much just for me but would be perfect to share between two. The tea was nice however it took me a while to flag down a staff member so I could get some milk for it. The juice coming in a sealed cup was a novel concept and made for the perfect takeaway as we returned to walk along the beach a little longer before going for a swim. Miss S enjoyed her coffee and the pancakes did not last very long as they too were enjoyed.

I had read reviews before going to Bib and Tucker and had seen some comments regarding the service at Bib and Tucker being lacking. Miss S and I did have some troubles getting the attention of the wait staff and I think this was due to us being seated at a table in the middle of the side verandah hidden from their view during a busy breakfast service. We also had a drinks order not arrive and had to wait some time at the counter to pay the bill. While it was disappointing to see these reviews being confirmed I did enjoy the food however and will be back again to give the service another try.

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Weekend Brunch @ Public and Co.

I finally got the chance to check out Public & Co. in South Fremantle for their brunch, a week or so before they opened up for dinner service. The group I was with were seated in the front main room next to one of the open windows. While waiting for everyone to arrive those of us who were there ordered some juices and coffees. I have been avoiding coffee for the past few years as I hope to delay the onset of the caffeine addiction that seems to creep up on teachers as they progress in their careers. I loved how the juices came to the table in the bottle along with the cute paper straws and a glass to drink the juice from.

When everyone had arrived we ordered some breakfast. I chose the corned beef hash, spinach, potato, fried egg ($18). It may not look like a large portion however when the dish came out I was stumped as to how one person was going to be able to eat it all, I obviously was not hungry enough as I couldn’t but if you’re every at Public & Co for breakfast and feeling very peckish then this is the dish for you! I should also mention that it was a very delicious filling meal. There were no complaints from anyone at the breakfast and we all enjoyed the entire meal.

The staff were fantastic and attentive. I do hope to check out their dinner menu as I have been enjoying their posts on their Facebook page and if their breakfast was anything to go by I will definitely enjoy it!

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Weekend Brunch @ Bread in Common, Fremantle

I caught up with some girl friends at Bread in Common in Fremantle a few months ago when it had not been open very long. We met early on a Sunday to have brunch and to avoid the crowds that had been frequenting the establishment. The atmosphere of Bread in Common is very well done and provides the restaurant with an intimate feeling even when you are seated at a long table with other diners.

We ordered a range of juices and the others also got some coffees before we settled into looking at the menu. After a quick glance I saw a dish with asparagus and my decision was made – quite a feat as I’m usually the last to decide what I want to order! I did enjoy the dish with it’s interesting combination of flavours, it unfortunately did not fill me up as I had hoped it would. What it did give me that chance to do was to order a dessert and boy was I glad to have done that! All the desserts looked quite delicious and I took a little longer to decide on which to have but I was very happy with the decision I made. The banana, meringue and caramel desserts elements worked well together and made for a very filling way to end the meal. By the end of the desert dish we were all in love with it and throughly filled.

The staff were attentive and nothing was ever too much for them. I will happily go back to try our their lunch and dinner menu and hope to do so soon.

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The Mailing Room, Canterbury (Melbourne)

Hi everyone,

Sorry to everyone for not getting this post up on Thursday but here’s the first instalment of Melbourne meals.

While in Melbourne we saw a tv show which featured Mailing Road and some of the stores along it. One of the places featured on the show was The Mailing Room a cafe that is located in the old post office on the street. The Mailing Room’s focus is on their coffee, which they bring in and roast on site.


Their menu features fresh and seasonal breakfast along with coffee that impressed a seasoned coffee addict. The coffee (pictured below) was served at a temperature perfect for drinking it straight away, something that was definitely welcomed.

Mug of Coffee.

Mug of Coffee.

Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate ($4.8).

I opted for a hot chocolate with Colombian inspiration. It was quite mild on the chocolate but there was something very unique about this hot chocolate. Possibly not enough chocolate in it for me personally but it was a drink I think I could get used to quite easily, especially with the breakfasts that come out of the kitchen!

Eggs Florentine.

Eggs Benedict ($16.5).

Chorizo Breakfast.

Chorizo Breakfast ($17).

Summer Brekky.

Summer Brekky ($16.5).

We each ordered a different breakfast dish off the menu and all of us were very impressed on the meals, both on quality, quantity and freshness of ingredients as well as their relative cost for a meal in comparison with Perth. Their 63 degree eggs which were a signature of theirs and were delicious. Very impressed with the service and we left this place stuffed and very satisfied!

If this place ever considers expansion, I do hope they make it to Perth!

Until next time!

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Wild Poppy Cafe, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

This post is quite a belated one. I almost forgot that I had not yet reviewed my breakfast at Wild Poppy’s Cafe that I had with a friend a bit over a month ago. My friend had a Latte and a muffin of the day (sorry I did not grab a photo of her breakfast). I had a pot of Melbourne Breakfast tea and an omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

Omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

Omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

The omelette was a little watery and the bread was tough to cut through however it was nice chorizo and a good combination of flavour. Not saying that this was a terrible meal but it was disappointing for me. I do not think I would return to this item on the menu, there were many other items that looked interesting both on the counter and on the menu for me to try at Wild Poppy before returning to the omelette.

Cute teapot cosies.

Cute teapot cosy and china.

The tea was sweet enough without needing any sugar, not that I have it in my tea any more. Melbourne Breakfast was described on the menu as having vanilla and honey tones and boy did it deliver on those! This is a tea that I will happily return to, especially on a cold winter morning! And as for the tea pot cosy and the china cup – I’m a big fan!

Overall the atmosphere of the cafe was nice and laid back for a saturday morning, a perfect location to catch up with an old friend. Will be back for sure!

Until next time!

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A Day of Feasting at the University of Western Australia

I haven’t really eaten out this past week and had anything positive to report back to you guys, so I was wondering what I would do with this week’s Thursday post. I did however find myself taking photos of what I ended up eating at Uni one day this week and figured I would share my food adventure with you all.

For those of you not aware of the food situation at the University of Western Australia (UWA) it was up until the start of this year monopolised by the student guild into overpriced greasy and often tasteless meals that had a fattiness about them that made you a few hours later often regret having succumbed to starvation and eaten on campus. A good starting point for student’s dissatisfaction with guild catering at UWA, if you’re interested, is a blog by Paul Abbott which can be found here on Facebook or here on Blogspot.

Breakfast was had at 8am and this is possibly the main reason as to why I’ve managed to get up at 6am and come into uni at 8am 3 days a week (when I live an hours drive from Uni). I have ordered this meal of a toasted ham and cheese croissant and a large tea on such a regular basis that the people who work the cafe in the morning know me and make it the moment they see me! This is one of the most appetising meals on the menu at UWA – the coffee at UWA is definitely sub-par and is one of the reasons why I do not miss having cut coffee almost completely out of my diet.

Being the second last week of semester, many of my classes are not running any more (joys of being an arts student!) so I used the time to catch up with some friends who I had not seen all semester. On the way to the tavern (our usual haunt due to the best quality of chips and wedges) I came accross a sign for a new food establishment that has recently started at UWA since food was deregulated at the start of the year. We ended up pairing our pizza with a middy 5 Seeds ‘Crisp’ Cider and it was nice. The pizza base was definitely in need of an upgrade from supermarket quality but the toppings on ‘the works’ which we tried was flavoursome and generous!

Following the pizza catch-up I then caught up with another friend over our traditional wedges at the tav (the only place where sweet chilli sauce and sour cream is included). The wedges were their usual quality and it was a nice farewell to the UWA Tavern, before I knuckle down for my last exam period.

Lastly as the weather was so nice on the day we gave up attempting to study at the tavern – surprisingly we had actually done pretty well at this – and ended up on one of the grassy spaces at uni and had an ice-cream. I ended up having the chocolate and nougat flavours and they were pretty good, but not the best ice-cream I’ve had, the chocolate flavour definitely needed more fudge for my liking!

It was quite a pleasant way to spend the day and welcome in summer but it will be back to the books for the next few weeks!

Until next time!