Lunch @ Mash Brewing

I was recently invited to the Swan Valley for a friends birthday. The day began with a round of Supa golf before the group  moved on to Mash Brewery for lunch. I opted out of the round of golf due to last minute preparations for my prac and my consistent run of bad luck when it comes to sports. However I could never turn down a meal out with friends and so I met them as they were heading over to the brewery. Mash Brewery were ever so kind to squeeze in our large group at the last minute with no booking on the same day as the Swan Valley’s Octoberfest event! The server we had one the day was a fantastic guy who I didn’t manage to get the name of unfortunately but he impressed the entire group with his friendly and funny attitude all while dealing with an unforeseen table of 20 during the middle of a Saturday lunch.

While looking over the drinks menu I decided on ordering a glass of Sittella’s Sparkling Chenin Blanc ($9.50) as I have been meaning to try this wine for far too long and it turned out to be a very nice drop! Once the wine was sorted I then had to pick a dish to go with it, I ended up choosing the Market Fish of the Day ($32) which was salmon that day and came with potatoes, asparagus and other roasted vegetables. The meal was presented well and the portion was just enough to fill me up. Also worth noting is the speed at which the kitchen turned around our entire tables meals with good presentation was highly commendable!

I really enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere of Mash Brewery. After seeing some of the other dishes that people ordered, especially the pies and steak sandwiches I an convinced that I will have to return to try them. I would happily return on a quieter day to have another meal and a better look at their beers and ciders.
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Dinner at The Merrywell, Crown Casino

Hi everyone,

For BF’s birthday this year he let me decide where to go for dinner so I settled on the Merrywell at the Crown Casino and I had been wanting to see how the refurbishment had gone and to check out all the new restaurants that have opened since then.

Cocktail and Beer.

Cocktail and Beer.

I ordered a cherry and rum flavoured cocktail, the name of which escapes me but I have noticed that it is no longer on the menu which is a shame as I really loved it! BF got a beer and it came in a weighty little glass stein which  remind me of the many times we spent drinking beer in Germany.

BF and I opted to grab a meal each as well as something of the share platter for some veggies. I almost ordered another share dish and was questioning myself when the meals came out as I looked at the portion sizes. After a few mouthfuls however BF and I soon realised we had more than enough food for the two of us.

Mexican corn on the cob.

Mexican corn on the cob.

To share we ordered a serve of the Mexican corn on the cob which consisted of corn coated in zingy spices and cheese. I quite enjoyed how the cheese balanced out the spicyness of the mexican corn, however I felt that there was too much cheese on the cob and it can quickly make you feel a little sickly from cheese overload.


The Merrywell Burger.

The Merrywell Burger consisted of lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, special sauce, Bacon, and a side of french fries. I could not fault this burger and struggled to finish it off. I really enjoyed this burger and while some more veggies would have finished it off perfectly this restaurant is big on cheese, meat and fat and this burger delivered on all three.


Meatball and Fettuccine Pasta.

BF picked the pasta dish on the menu which I too had been eyeing off. When it came out we were a little worried with the portion sizing. The dish however was a struggle to finish in the end and BF enjoyed it.

We skipped having desert here even though I have seen and heard fantastic things from the Merrywell to have a birthday cake at home with the family. I will be back for sure to try their deserts! Over all BF and I were content with the meal costing around $80. The only downside to dining at the Merrywell was a lack of a booking system causing us to circle the restaurant a few times before we managed to snag a table as people were leaving it on a mid-week night. Go to the Merrywell if you are in the mood for a carb and meat overload and not looking for many veggies, aka a good American feed.

Until next time!

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Wine(s) of the Week: University (week 14)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this post going up a little late I have been down south for a wedding and a then spent a few days in Albany to recuperate from my first term of studies. Ended up getting sick as the body slowed down after the last 14 weeks of studies.

To celebrate the end of our first term as well as a major assignment some of my fellow classmates and I returned to our local pub for lunch and a few drinks, The Inglewood Hotel. I began with Bulmer’s apple cider (pictured below) before being convinced to give Cooper’s Pale Ale a try as a new keg of it had just been opened. The cider was as always a good drink to start the weekend and the pale ale was surprisingly not that bad of a drink.

Bulmer's apple cider.

Bulmer’s apple cider.

For lunch I opted for their classic beef burger with chips (classic 100% beef burger in a sour dough bun with lettuce, tomato, beetroot relish, swiss cheese, and aioli). The burger was  filling but a quite a messy eat, while the chips were alright but nothing to rave about. I would happily reorder this dish as I quite enjoyed the flavours of the burger, in particular the beetroot relish.

classic 100% beef burger in a sour dough bun with lettuce, tomato, beetroot relish, swiss cheese, aioli & chips

Classic beef burger ($20)

The wedding and reception was held at Ferguson Farmstay, and this location was just breath taking! There was a small selection of wines from the winery across the road from the venue as well as a sparkling from a winery down the road and a selection of bottled beers and ciders available for consumption at the reception, which was held at the restaurant on site.

Table setting at the reception.

Table setting at the reception.

The highlight wine for me at the wedding was the 2011 Panis sparkling wine that they were serving from Angelicus Winery which is located nearby to the farmstay. This sparkling had a gorgeous salmon colouring in the glass and was a delightful drink, one that I got the rest of the table onto with very little encouragement. This sparkling is made in the Traditional Method with an emphasis on the Pinot Noir grape. I noted plenty of berries on the nose and palate, strawberry in particular. The sparkling also had a crisp pleasing finish.


The still wines we not bad, especially considering they were from the winery across the road however they were also not the kind to ‘blow my socks’ off. Over the course of the reception I had the chance to try their 2011 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc as well as their 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cab Sav had an enticing aroma however my first sip was watery and smooth and overly disappointing. After letting the wine breathe in the glass for a little while I tried the Cab Sav again and was much more impressed by the body that had developed. The SSB was again a nice wine but not something that really caught my attention.



I ended the night discovering their selection of teas and opted for the Twining Darjeeling and it was a nice way to end the evening. The milk that was provided at the restaurant was also delicious, and well presented. Dad commented on how the milk brought him back to his years of the milk arriving fresh and with a layer of cream on top.



I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of the food that was brought around on platters over the course of the reception but it was well timed, well presented and surprisingly filled us up quite quickly. The view from the restaurants down through the valley to Bunbury is also one which I do hope to see again over lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the near future! The staff were fantastic and there was nothing to fault over the entire night.

Until next time!

FeBREWary Beer Festival, Mindarie

Hi everyone,

I know this post is a little early but there is a month long beer festival being held in Mindarie at the Indi Brewery. Events include beer samples, live music, beer inspired meals, along with international and local beers that are being brought into the bar for tap and bottled ranges for this month long event. For those of you who live near to Mindarie there will be a Happy Hour running 5-6:30 every evening on weeknights across February. This event is definitely one for the beer lovers of Perth!

There will be 2 FeBREWary Festive Ales (new):

Indi Nekta 6.0%
Tasting Notes:
This Belgian Wheat Ale is pale orange in colour & is brewed using malted & unmalted wheat and malted barley. Unfiltered & served cloudy, yeast driven flavours are very pronounced with pineapple & mango esters being apparent. Fermented with a yeast strain acquired from a small Belgian Brewery that produces a fruity finish with traces of bubblegum

Indi Belgian Pale Ale 7.6%
Tasting Notes: This Belgian Style Pale Ale is deep amber in colour with a relatively full body for a beer of this alcoholic strength. Medium fruity esters are evident in aroma and flavour and low levels of phenolic spiciness from yeast by-products may also be perceived. Hop bitterness is low to medium, with hop flavour and aroma also in this range. Brewed with a light coloured Belgian Candy Sugar this beer is highly attenuated with a perceptively deceiving high alcoholic character. Flavours of imported Belgian Biscuit Malts blend well with a complex fruitiness that finishes with pineapple, banana and bubblegum when the beer is allowed to warm

There will also be 2 new English style ales to try, hand pumped in the main bar. Along with the launch of the new Indi  Fe-BREW-ary Ale, called Indi Kolsch. And lastly a selection of international guest beers available by the bottle to purchase throughout the week and free tastings on Sundays.

For those who love their food, as well as those who love beer inspired food:Indi Brewery Head Chef, Gill Lewkowicz, has also put together a unique, beer inspired ‘Brew Bites’ Menu for the month including mouthwatering dishes infused with the good old amber ale.

There will also be mid week brewery tours running in Febuary, tours will cost $20 per person.

Until next time!

Little Creatures, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I met up with a friend who was leaving for a trip around Australia for one last meal and her request was that there be cider there so I suggested Little Creatures in Fremantle. We had another friend join us for lunch as well and the three of us opted to order 3 ‘big shares’ off the menu as well as a side of their famous frites with aioli to share between the three of us.

Beef Nachos.

Beef Nachos.

My friend selected the Chilli Beef Nachos with guacamole and sour cream ($23) and on presentation they looked quite unappealing however the mince and bean combination in these nachos was delicious with a hint of zingyness. Possibly not a dish I would come back for as it was quite a messy and chaotic dish to eat.

Chicken Tenderloins.

Chicken Tenderloins.

My selection off the menu was the Chicken Tenderloins ($21) which consisted of free range chicken tenderloins, chermoula spiced, raita. This dish was delicious and I most definitely ate more than my fair share of it. The chicken was coated with spices that when the lemon wedge and raita were added to it led me to foodie heaven! I highly recommend this dish and hope they still have it on the menu next time I am there!

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

My other friend ordered the Potato Salad with Smoked Trout, Capers and Spring Onions ($15). This dish came out before the nachos and chicken tenderloins with the frites and made for a very potato filled start to the meal. This meal was light and fresh and while different to the potato salads I usually have, still not a bad one.

Frites with Aioli.

Frites with Aioli.

Lastly is a dish, which practically no one leaves without having when they go to Little Creatures in Fremantle. Their Frites with Aioli ($9.5) are delicious with their homemade feel and the Aioli dipping sauce a highlight of this place. We ended up running out of Aioli and the waitresses were only too happy to get us more at no charge. These frites make for a great accompaniment to any meal or drink ordered from Little Creatures.

Until next time!

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Monthly Review: December

Hi everyone,

1. Favourite wine of the month?

With the onset of summer in Perth I have been passing over my usual reds for chilled wines – mainly Sauvignon Blanc Semillon’s and Rose’s.

2. What has been the best value wine of the month?

Olive Farms 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon – $25.

3. What has been added to my to-try wine list?

The rest of the wines at Olive Farm, something I will be able to do in the near future when I redeem my christmas gift of a voucher to a Cheese Barrel’s gourmet cheese making class.

4. What restaurants do I want to return to?

After visiting the Swan Valley and the Riverside Restaurant located in the region I would love to return to the Swan Valley to try more wineries and eateries in the area.

5. What was my favourite meal this month?

The Gnocchi I had at The Blue Duck in Cottesloe was to die for! The gnocchi melted in my mouth and the fresh vegetables made for an exciting summer dish.



6. Upcoming events for next month?

Twilight Hawkers Markets (cuisine from around the globe) – Forrest Place, Perth City 5pm-9pm every Friday into April.

Boat’s annual Cider Festival – Mindarie Marina, Mindarie January 11th-13th.

Fe”BREW”ary FestivitiesIndi Brewary, Mindarie February 1st-28th.

7. Favourite wine packaging?

Jim Barry’s Sauvignon Blanc Semillon won BF over and for doing that I’d say he win’s for favourite packaging of the month!

Wine Labels.

Wine Labels.

8. Best service?

William at Quarter on Hay – review of my meal there will be up soon.

9. Restaurant I am most keen to try next month?

Heading off to Melbourne for a week so a quaint little restaurant with delicious homemade simple food in a side street is something I would love to find.

10. Wine Century Challenge.

Total: 25 varietals.

Favourite = Müller-Thurgau

Until next time!

Wine(s) of the Week: Beer Edition

Hi everyone,

For this being a food and wine blog I’ve been quite terrible with the wine part for the last 2 weeks, however the assignments are done and there is one final exam so the end of the tunnel is near! Or however that saying is meant to go…

I did spend some time at the Sail and Anchor pub in Fremantle on Saturday at their Beer Royale event, which had free samples from over 10 different West Australian brewing companies. Seeing as this was a beer event I figured the best person to show me around would be BF, and I believe he had quite a ball drinking all the free beer that was on offer! BF discovered some new beers to keep an eye out for, his favourite overall was the ‘Atomic’ Pale Ale (brewed by Gage Roads Brewery).

Beer Royale Poster.

I on the other hand had my dislike of pale ale confirmed, much to the despair of BF as he could not share his adoration of it with me, especially as the Atomic Pale Ale was my least liked beer at the event! The event still proved to be fun and entertaining for a wine drinker as I smelt and sipped my way through most of the beers on offer and found that my abilities to pick up the finer details in the beers has improved, never thought I would say that I could taste cloves in a beer but I did!

Proof that I at least held a glass of beer!

I promise that the hiatus of wine consumption over the past two weeks is something that will be rectified shortly! I am tempted to chill one of the Rose’s from Fifth Estate that I picked up at UnWined WA this week, so hopefully there will be a review for that one up sometime next week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!