UnWined WA 2013

A few weekends ago I was invited to attended Unwined WA as a guest and invited my friend C to come along with me. I went to Unwined WA last year (blog post here) and loved it so I was exciting to be returning to the event again this year. Unwined WA is a wine show held at Market Square Park in Subiaco over a weekend in October each year to showcase wine and food produce of Western Australia.


While at Unwined WA I took C around and introduced her to some new wine varietals as well as a few favourite wineries of mine. After a few hours of sampling many of the wines on offer we came to the consensus that Castelli was our favourite winery of the day for across the board quality. We however also enjoyed the Malbec at Talisman Wines and the Rose at Fifth Estate Wines.

I had made the mistake last time of missing the fudge stall so this time around I made sure to not leave before I had tried some. Around the time we were ready for a break from wine tastings we found Gidge Gourmet Fudge, and let me tell you, boy did the double chocolate fudge make for a perfect gooey snack at the show. Loved it and the few pieces that I took home did not last very long either. Lovely range of flavours with something to tickle everyones fancy!


Gidge Gourmet Fudge.

I enjoyed the show again and it was great to see more stalls at this years event. Looking forward to seeing how the show goes next year!

I would like to say a big thank you to Jessica at CMS Events for providing me with tickets to this years show.

Pre Theatre Dinner @ Six Senses Thai, Subiaco

Back in July I caught up with my friend S to go and see Cats performed at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco. Before going to the show S took me to a favourite restaurant of hers a little further down Rokeby Road from the theatre called Six Senses Thai.


Chicken Six Senses

For an entree S suggested we split the Chicken Six Senses (pictured above) which were much more filling than I anticipated they would be when the waitress first brought them out.

For mains we ordered a dish each to share plus rice for two. S chose the Massamun Beef Curry while I ordered the Pad Thai Noodle (both pictured below). The portions that came out were more than enough for the two of us and we were not able to finish the two dishes. I was very impressed with the balanced flavours of the main dishes. Out of the two I would have to say the Massamun Beef Curry won as it had an amazing spice base in the sauce and the meat was ever so tender, I really enjoyed the dish!

The restaurant had an intimate arrangement of tables as the small size of the restaurant enabled them to do so, and S and I were happy to spent the hour or so before the show eating and catching up. Overall I enjoyed the meal and would return in the future as I would love to try some more dishes from their menu. You can check out their menu at this link.

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Edo Japanese, Subiaco.

Hi everyone,

I returned to Edo in Subiaco a few weeks ago with my friend and am pleased to say that our last visit with the unusual chaos of our order being delayed and lost was just a tiny insignificant blimp on the radar for exceptional service at Edo.

Bubble Tea.

We started off the luncheon with a bubble tea each I had the strawberry and my friend had the banana flavour. You will also be happy to know that I got photos this time for you all – big thanks to my friend for reminding me before I dug in!

Katsu Chicken Donburi.

Above is the usual order for me and my friend, I however opted to try something different so you could see another option on their menu. The Katsu Donburi is crumbed meat served with rice and Japanese mayo and is delicious! The Japanese Mayo it comes with is amazing and something I look forward to each time I go to Edo! Below is the Katsu Don Donburi which is Katsu meat with an egg fried on top of the meat, served with rice.

Chicken Katsu Don Donburi.

For the full lunch menu follow the link here with the dinner menu similar but a little more expensive.

I am definitely a fan of this place and will return again!

Until next time!

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Wine(s) of the Week: UnWined WA 2012

Hi everyone,

I’ve just returned home from a day out at the UnWined WA show in Subiaco. Had some amazing wines and spoke to numerous lovers of food and wine as well as some very friendly wine makers and winery staff.

Some Highlights from the show (in no particular order):

1. Fifth Estate Wines (Harvey, Western Australia)

Their Rose was the standout for me out of all the ones I tried at the show! I cannot put my finger on what it was but I was so impressed I ended up with two bottle plus one of their Tempranillo to take home with me, thanks to winning a competition for pre-purchasing my tickets to the show. Jessica who was running the booth was friendly and approachable and a good ambassador of the winery! Keep an eye out for a more in-depth review of these wines in the near future.

2. Silkwood (Pemberton, Western Australia)

I tried their dry Riesling (still quite sweet), Verdelho and Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir was definitely better than the ones I tried at the Blackwood Valley Wine Show last weekend and renewed my faith in their being potential for a Pinot Noir from Western Australia. The Riesling as well was a pleasant drink and one that I will definitely purchase once I’ve depleted some of the wines I currently have at home!

3. After Hours (Margaret River, Western Australia)

The wines I tasted at the After Hours stall were all solid Margaret River wines. The white wines were fresh, zesty and refreshing and the Cabernet Sauvignon was smooth but had a decent amount of body to please me. You can find these wines in Perth at Glendalough Liquor, Wembley Hotel and Bottel-o in East Vic Park.

4. Chalice Bridge (Margaret River, Western Australia)

The father and son duo running the booth were a pleasure to talk to and kept us entertained while the brief bout of bad weather passed over. The wines all had the expected Margaret River characteristics, and the quality was definitely there! Halliday has rated a number of their premium line at 93 or 94 points (wines RRP is $25). A tricky winery to find in Perth as they export much of their wines to the eastern states of Australia and overseas. However they are stocked at Celebrations in Myaree!

5. Woodland Winery (Margaret River, Western Australia)

This is the winery which produced the $45 wine to rival Penfold’s Grange in Halliday’s eyes (article here) – for a fraction of the cost! Their reds were a standout with their high use of Malbec across their red wines creating some interesting and yummy wines. Will have to check out their full range of wines at their new cellar door, which opens this summer!

6. Plantagenet Winery (Mount Barker, Western Australia)

This is the winery who’s Riesling took out three trophies at the 2012 Qantas Wine Show of WA, and will be featured in my Halliday Day Winery blog post tomorrow. While they only had their Omrah basic line available for sampling there was still very nice wines to sample! Their Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc being the best that we felt we had tasted across the day! The staff on at the booth were also a pleasure to talk to!

7. Woodgate Winery (Manjimup, Western Australia)

The best Bubbly that I tried at the show! The Wine Maker (Mark Aitken) followed the traditional methods from Champagne to make a wine that I would personally pay far more for than its $30 price tag and would say it is superior to many of the true French Champagne’s that I have tried in the past. One to keep an eye out for in independent bottle shops around Perth!

Overall it was a pleasant way to end the weekend and I am already looking forward to the 2013 show! For those of you who wish you had gone to the show this weekend fear not! There is also a show being run by this same company this coming weekend in Bunbury, details can be found here.

I did also get the chance to sample some dukkah, mustards and vinegars. This resulted in the only purchases I made at the event as the Guava Vinegar was so different a taste that I had to buy some so I could give it a try over a salad! I will let you know how the vinegars turn out!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Please feel free to add me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook and continue to follow this blog!

Until next time!

Wino 101: UnWined 2012

Hi everyone!

For those of you who are wondering what to do with your weekend I have a suggestion for you! In Subiaco this weekend is the second ever annual ‘UnWined’ wine show at Market Place (the grass to the west of Subiaco Oval – see the map below).

Tickets are $25 at the gate, or $20 if you pre-purchase them before Wednesday. The event is open 11-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday. I am planning to go on the Sunday so if you manage to make it out on that day come say hi!

Wine sampling, food and wine sessions as well as wines by the glass and tapas meals for sale. Some of the wineries who will be attending this event were also ones that were involved in the Blackwood Valley Wine Show that I attended on the weekend that has just passed.

If you want more information check out their website linked above or check out their Facebook page! And if you want to see the exhibitors that will be attending the show this weekend then click here.

CMS are also hosting the Geographe Crush Wine Show on Sunday November 4rd of this year at Bicentennial Square in Busselton. This show is looking like it will have even more exhibitors than the UnWined Show in Subiaco. The ticket pricing and show hours are the same as UnWined. I will not be able to make this event due to university exams but if anyone does please have a glass or two for me!

Until next time!

Subiaco Lunchings and Family Dinners

Yesterday I finally caught up with a friend for our ‘Subiaco lunchings’. We began with japanese for lunch at Edo, which has been our regular lunch destination for over a year and a half. We’ve always had friendly and quick service at Edo and for the price you pay ($6.90 for a bowl of rice and katsu chicken aka ‘a katsu chicken donburi’) you leave happy and stuffed! The interior of Edo is nothing special, numerous small tables crowded together, while the counter space (pictured below) tends to remind me a little of a deli with bits and pieces every where. But I feel that this lack of emphasis on the interior adds to the charm of the place as a little hidden gem, from the lunchtime rush that this place receives you know it is well patronised but its still remains a gem for me on for a lazy lunch before or after the lunch rush.


This trip to Edo was quite out of the ordinary however as there was some confusion and out order was lost, we didn’t mind greatly as we had plenty of stories to share and things to catch up on. Unfortunately due to our meals taking quite a bit longer than usual (normally our meals are out to us in minutes) we were halfway through devouring them before I remembered that I would try to take pictures first for you guys… Sorry! The meals lived up to their usual scrumptiousness – the extra mayo in the bowls was also an added plus!

The second phase to our Subiaco lunches involves desert for which we have a few options deepening on whether we want cake, ice-cream or churros. Yesterday we decided to grab ice-cream as we had to walk and pick up a few items also as parking is not the cheapest in Subiaco. I did remember to take photos of the ice-creams for you guys so savour away!


The strawberry waffle cone was my friends and she let me know that the ice-cream’s flavour was quite mild but that there were real chunks of strawberries in it. Mine on the other hand had no nutritional redeeming qualities about it with caramel chocolate fudge on the top and chocolate chip cookie dough hidden below – I was told by a colleague at work that it was insane that I had not tried cookie dough ice-cream before so with this in mind I decided to try it yesterday. The cookie dough ice-cream was pretty stock standard – the little balls of cookie dough in it however were little pockets of joy that I discovered towards the end and it definitely redeemed the ice-cream in my eyes! The caramel chocolate fudge however was the standout winner for me. I must admit that I was polarised when reviewing the ice-creams as caramel is a slight weakness for me (Fantails anyone?!).

After my little eating and retail therapy (shoes as 25% of their original cost- win!) adventure in Subiaco I then  went to BF’s house for a family dinner. To begin to whittle away my little wine stash at home I took over one of the wines I had picked up at the start of the year form Hay Shed Hill Winery in the Margaret River region.


The Tempranillo had a spicy aroma however it was quite a light drink. Would have been nice to have had my nice aerator on me to give it some body, but unfortunately that was at home. It is definitely a good wine for me as a lover of red wine to rediscover with the coming summer months. Will let you know how it goes once I get to try it with an aerator.

Until next time!

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