Lunch at Pickled Fig, South Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I finally made it to the Pickled Fig in South Fremantle a month or so ago for a spur of the moment lunch with BF. It was a nice warm day and we were lucky to get a table between two rushes, it seems that this restaurant gets very busy on the weekends from the two times I have been here. Decor is unusual but offers a great talking point and if you manage to get an outside table it is very refreshing when a sea breeze comes though as the restaurant is located just behinds the dunes at South Beach.

Little Creature's Pear Cider.

Little Creature’s Pear Cider ($5.6)

BF ordered the Little Creatures pear cider and he was nice enough to share some of it with me. Overall I was disappointed in the fruit flavour of the cider and felt it was lacking. Below is the fruit juice which I ordered and it contained orange, pineapple and passionfruit. There was some confusion with my drink order and I had to chase it up a few times before it was finally deliver to me when I was over halfway through my meal. The juice was nice and I would happily order it again. I reviewed both of these drinks in this weekly drink post.

'Fruit Frenzy' Juice.

‘Fruit Frenzy’ Juice ($8.5).

Below is a side of wedges which BF ordered to go with his steak sandwich. I ended up eating more of these than he did as the sandwich was more filling than he had anticipated. The wedges were not that great and the dipping sauce was runny. Would not order these again.

Wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

Wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream ($8.5).

BF order the sandwich below and almost did not want to share even a mouthful with me. Both of us agreed it  was delicious and he polished it off, feeling very content at the end. Highly recommend this sandwich.


Steak Sandwich ($22)

I opted for the gnocchi and chose to add chicken to it for an extra cost. I loved the summer veggies in this dish and it was fresh and filling. Would happily recommend and reorder this dish again.


Going Gnocchi ($22) with chicken added ($8)

Overall the main meals were delicious. The larger food serves, juices and coffees here seem to be a winner from looking at what people around us were having. I would love to return again to try more off their menu, especially their shares and deserts menu. Hoping that the wedges were a one-off dud but it may take a few more visits before I choose to reorder them again.

Until next time!

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Monthly Review: March

Hi everyone,

This past month has been quite a hectic one and I have not had the chance to get out to wine and dine all that often. I did however still manage to come across some new favourite places and drinks over the course of the month. Hope everyone has had a good Easter and is welcoming the cooler conditions in the Southern Hemisphere, or the hopefully warming conditions in the Northern Hemisphere.

1. Favourite drink of the month?

I went to the Trustee Bar in Perth with my friend C earlier this month and we tried out some of their cocktails as well as their tasting plate. I really enjoyed their Cider Slider, pictured below. A full write up of the cocktails we tried and thr Trustee can be found in this post.

Cider Slider ($16).

Cider Slider ($16).

2. What has been the best value wine of the month?

Lab, 2010 ($10 at Liquorland). The full review of this wine can be found in this post.


3. What has been added to my to-try wine list?

Talkavino perked my interest in trying Saperavi and Arneis varietals from their home regions in comparison to the Australian wines that I tried, especially as the Australian Saperavi from King River Estate was a favourite of mine on the night.



4. What restaurants do I want to return to?

I went to Bad Apples Bar in Applecross last week for another Wine Century Challenge meet. While I was there I had a chance to try some items off their menu as well as the chance to eye off many other dishes that they offer. I was very impressed with what I tried and saw and will be back for sure. Full review will be up next week along with the wines sampled for the Wine Century Challenge.


5. What was my favourite meal this month?

I haven’t eaten out all that often this month – I did however have lunch (finally) at the Pickled Fig in South Fremantle, the blog post for this meal is still in the works however this summery gnocchi dish was delicious and quite filling. I cannot wait to head back and try more items off their menu!


Going Gnocchi with Mount Barker free range chicken

6. Upcoming events for next month?

Inaugural Food and Wine Event at Bad Apples Bar including Oakridge wines – April 8th.

Yelp’s Garden Party – April 13th (RSVP required).

Fine Food Western Australia (food and wine industry trade show event) – April 14th-16th.

Northbridge O-Day – April 21st.

The last Twilight Hawkers Market will occur on April 26th so If you have been wanting to go one Friday and have not done so – you have one month left!

7. Favourite wine packaging?

I know this may be cheating but does Sangria in a Teapot count? This is how I was presented with my Sangria that I ordered at Bobeche Bar in Perth. While it was a little lacking on the ‘punch’ that I like to have in a Sangria I cannot fault them on the presentation.

Sangria Teapot.

Sangria Teapot.

8. Best service?

Bad Apples wins for the best service hands down as their service was friendly and attentive even while the place had a line outside the door on a Wednesday night.

9. Restaurant I am most keen to try next month?

I am planning to visit Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in the Perth CBD, Jamie’s in the next month or two. I will just need to arrange a booking as I am not the most patient person who can wait 2+ hours for a meal, which was the estimated wait time when Jamie’s had it’s soft opening just in time for the Easter long weekend. The menu for Jamie’s can be found here.

10. Wine Century Challenge.

Total: 44 varietals.

Favourite = Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Nacional

Until next time!

Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Nedlands

Hi everyone,

Last month BF and I finally got around to using a voucher I had purchased to dine at Maharaja Indian Restaurant on Stirling Highway in Nedlands. The voucher entitled us to an entree, main and desert each of our choosing along with a bottle of wine. The restaurant was quite overwhelming in regards to the decor when we first entered. We did not stop looking around at all the gold and grandness of the furnishings for the first few minutes until the wine arrived and we decided to move onto selecting our dishes off the menu.


While the voucher said we were entitled to a ~$20 bottle of Margaret River red or white, instead we were presented with a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I did not complain when they brought out the wine as this is a wine I have been meaning to try for far to long. The wine was delightfully refreshing and crisp. I was really amazed at how my palate has shifted with regards to Sauvignon Blancs and how long I had put off trying some of the more well known names at work. While we sipped away at the wine we looked over the menu and selected an entree each from what we were allowed as well as a main each off the menu.


I ordered an entree of mix samosas while BF ordered the onion bhaji. The samosas were a little more spicy than I had anticipated but were still nice, there was enough filling to pastry. The onion bhaji’s were something I had never tried before but something I ended up enjoying. BF and I were still trying to get through these filling entrees when our mains came out.


Meat and Vegetarian Samosas ($8.90)


Onion Bhaji ($8.90)



As part of the meal voucher we were provided with a selection of condiments along with a large serving of Poppadoms between the entrees and mains.


Beef Vindaloo ($24.90)


Chicken Tikka Masala ($24.95)

While BF enjoyed my chicken dish I wasn’t a big fan and I think it came down to the coriander, I do not think it is a spice I enjoy at all and it is a shame as I did not realise this until after trying the dish. BF’s meal was delicious and not too overly spicy for either of us. The portions were generous and more than either one of us could finished on our own.


Naan ($4.95)


Rice ($6)

With the mains we had a serving of rice and naan to accompany it. The rice was cooked perfectly however the naan was only average, I feel that I have had better naan in different Indian restaurants across Perth.

We were entitled to desert as well with the voucher however by the end of the mains we felt absolutely stuffed and the dishes looked like they had barely been touched so we decided to pass on that portion of the voucher. I would happily return for the food as I think the portions are more than generous for the prices and for what BF and I had to share could have easily been stretched across one or two extra people. Service was attentive and not overbearing.

Until next time!

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Little Creatures, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I met up with a friend who was leaving for a trip around Australia for one last meal and her request was that there be cider there so I suggested Little Creatures in Fremantle. We had another friend join us for lunch as well and the three of us opted to order 3 ‘big shares’ off the menu as well as a side of their famous frites with aioli to share between the three of us.

Beef Nachos.

Beef Nachos.

My friend selected the Chilli Beef Nachos with guacamole and sour cream ($23) and on presentation they looked quite unappealing however the mince and bean combination in these nachos was delicious with a hint of zingyness. Possibly not a dish I would come back for as it was quite a messy and chaotic dish to eat.

Chicken Tenderloins.

Chicken Tenderloins.

My selection off the menu was the Chicken Tenderloins ($21) which consisted of free range chicken tenderloins, chermoula spiced, raita. This dish was delicious and I most definitely ate more than my fair share of it. The chicken was coated with spices that when the lemon wedge and raita were added to it led me to foodie heaven! I highly recommend this dish and hope they still have it on the menu next time I am there!

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

My other friend ordered the Potato Salad with Smoked Trout, Capers and Spring Onions ($15). This dish came out before the nachos and chicken tenderloins with the frites and made for a very potato filled start to the meal. This meal was light and fresh and while different to the potato salads I usually have, still not a bad one.

Frites with Aioli.

Frites with Aioli.

Lastly is a dish, which practically no one leaves without having when they go to Little Creatures in Fremantle. Their Frites with Aioli ($9.5) are delicious with their homemade feel and the Aioli dipping sauce a highlight of this place. We ended up running out of Aioli and the waitresses were only too happy to get us more at no charge. These frites make for a great accompaniment to any meal or drink ordered from Little Creatures.

Until next time!

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Left Bank, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

BF and I went and had lunch at the Left Bank just before the New Year when we had that heat wave. Having lunch overlooking the river made for a much cooler meal that we would have likely felt had we eaten in Fremantle like we had originally planned to.

I haven’t been to the Left Bank in over a few years since I last went for breakfast and found the spinach in my Eggs Florentine had not only not been washed but they also failed to take out a 2inch root before serving it to me. I decided to give The Left Bank a second chance.

BF had a pint of Bulmers cider, while I opted for a glass of West Cape Howe’s Riesling ($10.5) over cider at the last minute as it had been too long since my last Mount Barker Riesling.I ordered the Margarita Pizza ($17.5), BF ordered the Chicken Parmigiana ($23) and we also got a small side of chips with aioli sauce ($5.5).

Neopolitana Pizza.

Neopolitana Pizza.

The pizza was not bad, the base was done well for my liking, the tomato sauce was watery and the cheese felt a little too tough for my liking making me feel it was sort of plastic-ish cheese.

Chicken Parmigiana.

Chicken Parmigiana.

The potatoes that came with the parmigiana were delicious and creamy! Only downside was that the potatoes were cold from the dish being brought out to the table. BF enjoyed the parmigiana however the service was seriously large and he didn’t get through it all in the end.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips were alright, Aioli needed more garlic for my liking.

The wine was nice as satisfied my longing for a Riesling. Still would have to say I was spoilt being given the chance to sample Plantagenet’s 2012 Riesling last year, which made the West Cape Howe’s Riesling not bad, but still not the best I feel I’ve had.

Overall the meal was ok, better than my last time at the Left Bank but not enough to inspire me to return to the Left Bank for more than a drink with friends for a ‘Sunday Sesh’ in the future and possibly a snack to accompany our drinks.

Until Next time!

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