Print Hall Fine Dining, Perth CBD

Hi everyone,

I went to Print Hall Fine Dining a few Friday’s ago with some girlfriends from high school. We had been eyeing off Print Hall for the past few months and once everyone was back in the state and free we settled on a night to meet up and check it out. We chose to book into the Fine Dining restaurant as it was the only restaurant in Print Hall which took bookings and from the line that was present at 6:30pm we were very happy to have made a booking.

There was a slight mix-up with my booking and it seemed to have gotten lost, however the staff at the restaurant were more than happy to find room for us and made sure that it was no problem at all. This was the only hick-up in our dinner and by the end of our meal it was a long forgotten one.

Once seated we were offered water and the wine menu, which I was left in charge of. Flicking through the wine menu I came to find I had hit the jackpot of wine-heaven for Perth. After browsing the wine list for a few minutes the Sommelier (Daniel Wegener) approached the table and offered his assistance. With a few requests of a light to medium bodied red wine with cherries or blackcurrant and oak, he recommended a fantastic 2010 Gamay from Sorrenberg in Victoria. My review of the wine can be found in this blog post. I was delighted with the wine as it was something I would not have considered and it was well received by all of my dining companions.



While we waited for our mains to be cooked, we were offered unlimited serves of a range of freshly cooked bread along with whipped butter. The bread was nice, not as good as some that I have had down Margaret River way, but I still managed to get through a slice of the sourdough and light rye.

Below are two of the mains we ordered, another friend ordered the Pan Roasted Barramundi ($41), which I did not get a chance to photograph. All of us enjoyed our mains and we also shared a side of Confit Young Potatoes (also did not manage to get a picture of those) ($10), one friend who had been to Rockpool said that these potatoes were not quite as good as theirs done in the Wagyu fat.

Cauliflower and Cheese.

Cauliflower and Cheese ($39).

Duck Confit.

Duck Cassoulet ($42).

We all made sure we had room for a desert as the menu and photos which we had seen online looked and sounded amazing! When our deserts did arrive we were not disappointed. I had tossed up between ordering the Lemon’Spilled’ and the Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant for desert, however as one of my friends had already decided upon having the ‘Lemon Spilled’ for her desert before we had arrived I opted to order the Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant, to see how it compared with the wine. The presentation across all three deserts was fantastic and almost made me not want to touch them, ‘almost’! My desert was to die for once I did try it and the slightly bittersweet taste for me bought out the fruity sweetness in the wine. I also had the chance to sample the Lemon ‘Spilled’, it is tough for me to decide which desert I liked more as both were delicious! If you are heading to Print Hall, you must leave room to try their deserts as they were the standout course for me!

Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant ($16).

Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant ($16).

Lemon 'Spilled' ($16).

Lemon ‘Spilled’ ($16).

Strawberries and Cream ($17).

Strawberries and Cream ($17).

I would love to return here again. And hope to do so in the near future on a more quieter night where we can finish the night off with a cocktail or two on the roof top bar. The current menu for Print Hall can be found here.

Until next time!

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Wine(s) of the Week: University (week 6)

Hi everyone,

I started off the week with a glass of Brown Brothers Rose Crouchen Riesling with dinner after work one night. The wine had a touch of sweetness but finished refreshingly with enough acid. Strawberries and tropical fruit came through on the nose and palate.


Another wine I had with dinner over the week was De Bortoli, 2010, La Bossa Shiraz Cabernet Merlot. This wine had ripe berries and a hint of oak on the nose, medium bodied with some fruit flavours on the palate along with some oak and tannins. An alright wine, went well with food.


Another wine I had a glass of over the week was Coward and Black, 2009, April Harvest Semillon, Margaret River. This wine was not as sweet as I was expecting given that it was an April Harvest. Lots of tropical fruit on the nose and palate. The wine as well felt a little tired and it would have been I think a lot more appealing for myself had I of tried a younger vintage. Would reconsider trying this one again if I came across a more recent vintage.


Working in a bottle-shop means that I need to sample wines from a variety of price brackets, I decided to open a bottle that I had purchased from my $5-$10 price range at work. The bottle of wine was a 2011, Wolfblass, Eaglehawke Cabernet Sauvignon. I found this wine to be young, unbalanced and it had a funny taste which BF noted also and was sort of reminding me of ‘menthol’. I think my preferences regarding wines has been elevated too quickly as all I could see this wine being used for was cooking at best.


I did also attend another Wine Century Challenge Meet, I will do a write up of those wines soon.

Until next time!

Valley and Vines Festival, Swan Valley

Hi everyone,

Sunday March 3rd 2013, part of the Labour Day long weekend in Perth will see the inaugural Valley and Vines Festival. This festival is designed around 6 different venues in the Swan Valley offering food, wine for sample and sale along with live entertainment from 10am to 5pm.


Participating Venues:

Olive Farm Wines & The Cheese Barrel


Carilley Estate (Homestead location)

Chesters of Heafod Glen

Harris Organic Wines

Ugly Duckling Wines

Venue Location - V&V

The format for the festival consists of visiting three venues (of your choice and order or in a pre-arranged package including transportation) for a two hour period at each with 30 minutes provided between the venues for transportation. Ticket holder are entitled to:

  • Valley & Vines branded lanyard featuring their itinerary (must be worn all day)
  • Valley & Vines wine glass to be used throughout the day
  • First pour (120 mls) at the first session of the day

Tickets are $35  per person with an additional $40 if you wish to not have to worry about transportation or a schedule for the day. To make a booking to attend Valley and Vines, follow this link.

I unfortunately am not free to attend this event which is in a format which I would have been very curious to see, if anyone does end up attending this event feel free to comment below and let me know how it went!

Until next time!

Wine(s) of the Week: University (week 5)

Hi everyone,

For Valentine’s Day I ended up leaving First Choice with a new red wine varietal from Sicily for myself along with some beer for BF. The grape varietal I ended up selecting 2011 Nero D’Avola from Feudo Arancio. I had no prior knowledge of the wine and ended up selecting it as I did not recognise the varietal and the fact that it came from Sicily intrigued me. This wine was quite a treat for me also as it was my first non-sparkling wine that used a cork rather than a screw-cap that I had bought in Australia. Once I had reacquainted myself with the bottle opener and a bit of muscle from BF I set about trying this new varietal. On first sips the wine had a lot of fruit flavour and some oak with a medium body. After breathing for a few minutes the wine opened up in spiciness and body and really impressed me overall.


I caught up with some girlfriends from school at Perth Print Hall’s Fine Dining Restaurant. One of my friends had previously been to the restaurant and said I would enjoy their wine list, she was not wrong in that statement. I was seriously impressed with their wine list and cellar however the standout of the night was the sommelier who recommended a delightful bottle of wine for us. From our request of a medium bodied red wine with cherry flavours and some oak he recommended the 2010 Sorrenberg Gamay ($95 at the restaurant). For all the wine lovers in Perth this place is a must for the experience of trying something new as the range of wines they stock is extensive and impressive to say the least. The wine from the first sniff to the last sip had enough body to keep me (a medium to full bodied red wine lover) content to my friend who enjoys her lighter bodied red wines and my other dining companion who wasn’t all that bothered. The fruit flavour was filled with luscious cherries, with enough tannins at the end of the palate to pair with our meals. I will have to get my hands on a few bottles of this for sure! If anyone has seen it in a bottle shop in Perth do let me know!


My last wine for the week was one which was had with a barbecue lunch with some old family friends. They brought over a bottle of Vasse Felix Classic Dry White. This wine was well balanced between the juicy apple and citrus flavours in the wine and the zesty to dry refreshing finish. Vasse Felix has consistently impressed me every time I have tried it and this time was no different.


Until next time!

Wine Education Centre Up-Coming Courses

Hi everyone,

Since I’ve begun to settle into my new routine with my graduate studies, I’ve been back on the Wines of Western Australia’s website looking at their classes and courses for this year.


Wine Basics

($90 for a 3 hour class 10am-1pm)

This class offers a basic introduction to wine tasting and appreciation. These classes can make for a fun weekend event with friends.

Upcoming Dates: 16 March 2013, 4 May 2013, 25 May 2013

Wine Essential Course

($295 for 4 weeks 6-8pm: includes 6 different wine tastings per week, three course meal in the final week and a private group tour of a winery)

This course is the one which I completed last year and my reviews of the wines I sampled in the course can be found in the links below. This course is good for people ranging from beginners to those like me who knew something about wine but wanted to refine and add to their wine knowledge repertoire. Overall I was impressed with the course and it’s value for money as well as the chance to meet with other wine enthusiasts in Perth. My final thoughts can be found in this blog post.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Winery Tour

Upcoming Starting Dates: 6 March 2013, 3 April 2013, 8 May 2013

Wine Essentials Plus Course

($395 for the course, includes the textbook, A Taste of the World of Wine and the option of completing an industry certified, theoretical and sensory examination.)

This course is for those who want to learn about wine regions and the finer points of wine such as cellaring and faults. This course is aimed at people in the wine and hospitality industries, along with people who have acquired some wine knowledge already.

Upcoming Starting Dates: 7 May 2013

Wine Varietals Course – Combined or Individual Red and White Wine Courses

($265.00 each for the individual 4 week courses 6-8pm, or
$425.00 for the courses combined into an 8 week course 6-8pm)

This course focuses on using blind tastings to develop your wine palate and knowledge. Three of the four weeks in each of the courses is structured for a comparison and contrast between two different varietals, with the final class being a review of what has been learnt. This is the course I have been eyeing off since finishing the Wine Essential course last year, as did many of the people who were on the course with me.

Upcoming Starting Dates: 21 February 2013 (Wine Varietals White), 9 May 2013 (Wine Varietals White), 28 March 2013 (Wine Varietals Red)

If you have anymore questions or wish to book in to one of these courses you can contact the Wine Education Centre on (08) 9284 3355 or via email:

Until next time!

Spanish Sundowner, Swan Valley

Hi everyone,

The Cheese Barrel and Olive Farm Wines are hosting a Spanish Sundowner filled with wine, cheese and tapas on their Property in the Swan Valley on the evening of Saturday March 16th for a cost of $65. Below is the flyer for the event. If you have been wanting to try the wines from Olive Farm Wines or the cheeses from The Cheese Barrel then this would be the perfect time for both.


Until next time!

Isola di Capru, Phillip Island

Hi everyone,

This is my last restaurant review from my time in Melbourne and is for Isola di Capru on Phillip Island. We came to Phillip Island for the penguin parade which occurs nightly on the island. As we had to wait until sunset for the penguins so we ended up in the town of Cowes for dinner.


One of the adorable penguins from Phillip Island.

We settled on Italian as I had been craving Spaghetti Carbonara ($19.50 main) for the week before the trip. Mum settled on a simple bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese ($12 entree) and my cousin had a Chicken and Mushroom Risotto ($24.50 main). The full menu can be found here. The Carbonara was a little disappointing compared to the rich sauces that I create when I make it at home this meal seemed less flavoured and rich as well as a thinner sauce. The Risotto on the other hand was well received and so filling that my cousin was unable to finish it. We also had another friend from Perth come along for the meal







Side of Chips.

Side of Chips.

To go with our meals my cousin and I ordered glasses of wine each. I had a glass of 2009 Serafino Chardonnay ($8.5) and my review of the wine can be found in this post. My cousin selected a glass of the 2012 Grant Burge Moscato from the Barossa Valley ($8.5).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was bustling and relaxed. Service was quite hard to come by when we had our meals slowly trickling out of the kitchen. The gentleman who I believe was the owner was a delightful man to meet and had such a cheeky and vibrant personality that drew us into the restaurant. For being seated right by the kitchen and bar and next to the main thoroughfare in the restaurant it was hard to get a waiter to ask for the rest of our dishes and some parmesan for the pasta.

Overall I was disappointed by my meal and the service, others that I was dining with were content with their meals however.

Until next time!

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