Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Nedlands

Hi everyone,

Last month BF and I finally got around to using a voucher I had purchased to dine at Maharaja Indian Restaurant on Stirling Highway in Nedlands. The voucher entitled us to an entree, main and desert each of our choosing along with a bottle of wine. The restaurant was quite overwhelming in regards to the decor when we first entered. We did not stop looking around at all the gold and grandness of the furnishings for the first few minutes until the wine arrived and we decided to move onto selecting our dishes off the menu.


While the voucher said we were entitled to a ~$20 bottle of Margaret River red or white, instead we were presented with a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I did not complain when they brought out the wine as this is a wine I have been meaning to try for far to long. The wine was delightfully refreshing and crisp. I was really amazed at how my palate has shifted with regards to Sauvignon Blancs and how long I had put off trying some of the more well known names at work. While we sipped away at the wine we looked over the menu and selected an entree each from what we were allowed as well as a main each off the menu.


I ordered an entree of mix samosas while BF ordered the onion bhaji. The samosas were a little more spicy than I had anticipated but were still nice, there was enough filling to pastry. The onion bhaji’s were something I had never tried before but something I ended up enjoying. BF and I were still trying to get through these filling entrees when our mains came out.


Meat and Vegetarian Samosas ($8.90)


Onion Bhaji ($8.90)



As part of the meal voucher we were provided with a selection of condiments along with a large serving of Poppadoms between the entrees and mains.


Beef Vindaloo ($24.90)


Chicken Tikka Masala ($24.95)

While BF enjoyed my chicken dish I wasn’t a big fan and I think it came down to the coriander, I do not think it is a spice I enjoy at all and it is a shame as I did not realise this until after trying the dish. BF’s meal was delicious and not too overly spicy for either of us. The portions were generous and more than either one of us could finished on our own.


Naan ($4.95)


Rice ($6)

With the mains we had a serving of rice and naan to accompany it. The rice was cooked perfectly however the naan was only average, I feel that I have had better naan in different Indian restaurants across Perth.

We were entitled to desert as well with the voucher however by the end of the mains we felt absolutely stuffed and the dishes looked like they had barely been touched so we decided to pass on that portion of the voucher. I would happily return for the food as I think the portions are more than generous for the prices and for what BF and I had to share could have easily been stretched across one or two extra people. Service was attentive and not overbearing.

Until next time!

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Toast to the Coast, Mindarie

Hi everyone,

An upcoming event for next month is the 7th annual Toast to the Coast is a free event, which is predominantly food and wine festival which will be running on Sunday the 24th of March at Mindarie Marina. A map of the stall locations can be found here.

There will be over 50 different stalls ranging from food and wine (10-5) to arts and craft (9-5) and a children’s zoo (11-4). Live entertainment, tastings and celebrity cooking shows will also be occurring though out the day.

Anyone considering attending this event?

Until next time!

Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I went to the Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets with a friend. We didn’t stay too long as it was quite loud and chaotic and our first selection of food did more than enough to fill us up so we ended up opting for some retail therapy to burn off the food.

There were about 15 stalls at the event ranging from a few Japanese restaurants, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Vietnamese to Bratwurst and Snags and Sons (which I had tried at the Gourmet Escape last year), Paella, Crepes, Macaroons and Ice-cream. There was also music being played with involvement from those browsing the stalls, the music made it quite hard for my friend and I to catch up and was one of the reasons we choose to move on from the Markets.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

I opted for the meat version ($12) pictured above while my friend had the vegetarian version ($10) which came with feta and spinach. I have had these before in the past and thoroughly adore this dish. The dish was filling and quite rich however the lemon juice brought a nice touch of acidity, which balanced out the richness between the bread and meat.

After we had finished our meals we found ourselves satisfied, which was a little disappointing for myself as I had hoped to try some more dishes. We opted in the end for some retail therapy and a hot chocolate at the end before heading home. It was a very pleasant way to end the week and I do hope to make it back to the markets after university classes one friday to sample more of the dishes on offer.

I would love to return with a larger group so as the dishes can be shared around more giving me a chance to try more of the dishes which caught my eye on the night. Prices seemed very reasonable and you will leave the Markets thoroughly filled!

Until next time!

2012 Margaret River Gourmet Escape

Hi everyone,

So I’m sure many of you know about this event already as it has been advertised and talked about for many months now but I thought I would still share it with you all anyways. The Margaret River Gourmet Escape runs from Thursday the 23rd of November to Sunday the 25th this year, with the main event (called the Gourmet Village) being run on the Saturday and Sunday at Leeuwin Estate, along with numerous fringe events occurring in the towns and wineries surrounding Margaret River.

Gourmet Escape 2012.

The main event will have numerous wineries, chefs and other local industries showing their wares, along with shows from the different chefs and wine sessions. Heston Blumenthal is a big draw card for many attending this year.

The fringe/side events include beach dinners by different chefs, the chance to make your own champagne (which I will be doing and I will report back on how it goes!), wine tours, brunches, and lunches. Basically it is a weekend of decadence!

This link will allow you to purchase tickets to visit the Gourmet Escape on the Sunday at $50 for 2 adults instead of $35 each!

To start of my summer break I’m going to the Gourmet Village on the Saturday and making my own bottle of champagne on the Sunday. Will I be seeing anyone there?

Until next time!

Pink Dinner: Salmon and Rose

Dinner on Monday night consisted of a home cooked piece of salmon coated in butter and herbs and oven roasted. The piece of salmon was accompanied by freshly cooked asparagus, rice and a glass of Rose from Woody Nook Winery from Margaret River. For my first attempt at cooking salmon on its own turned out pretty well! However I sort of didn’t think the sides through so I ended up with some juicy green asparagus that mum had sautéed and coated in lemon juice – delish! As well as some leftover flavoured rice.

The wine’s label has a fascinating gimmick (shown in the image) that has the rose on the label change colour depending on the temperature. The deeper pink is when it is cold and the lighter pink is when it is warm (can be done by putting your hand over the label). What can I say but it won me over! Roses are a bit of a weakness of mine, whether is a vase or on a rosebush the fragrance from a rosebush brings me back to my childhood. The rose was nice, on the dryer side but it went well with the meal, especially the zing from the lemon juice on the fish and asparagus.

Definitely keen to try cooking salmon again, if anyone has a recipe for cooking salmon that they love feel free to share it!

Until next time!


Hello and Welcome!

I have been wanting to dabble into the online medium of blogging and have been wondering what would inspire me to finally jump in and commit to writing on a some-what regular basis. Well inspiration finally arrived over the last week two different people told me that I should share with the world all the thing I eat and drink as I seem to spend half of my meal with someone telling them all about my meal and then proceeding to try/eat half of their meal if they’re foolish enough to allow me the first taste of their meal.

The first entry in this little food adventure will begin at Blend Cafe in Melville on a night out with my boyfriend (BF). A quite busy little restaurant (for a mid-week night) which has an eclectic and alternative decor going on with friendly staff and numerous regular patrons being greeted warmly by the staff and owner throughout our dining experience.

The night began with me running next door to pick out a nice bottle of wine for us to share and as BF only drinks whites (excluding chardonnay) I was restricted to that section of the store. A few minutes later I exited with a nice Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (SBS) ($16.99) from the ‘Jamie & Charlie’ line from the Willoughby Park Winery located in Southwestern Western Australia. I must confess that I picked due to the label design seen in the picture below.


Wine Bottle’s Label.

Second confession for this post, Sauvinon Blancs (Sav Blanc) and SBS’s are not my favourite. When it comes to wine for me a good Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab Sav) with body, berries and a hint of oak is what I tend to gravitate towards. So due to white wines being a bit of a weakness please forgive me for any faux pas I may make to those who know their whites a little better than I do.

The SBS was a 2011 vintage, as described by me on the night as making me feel that I was “standing between a freshly mowed paddock and an orchard” due to the fresh grassy, citrus and a hint of stone fruit scent that was perfectly complemented by its refreshing taste. I was impressed! My label section had done me well! I will also note the BF was also impressed with my wine selection that suited our pasta’s that we chose off the menu for dinner.

Dinner at Blend consisted of garlic bread for a starter – fresh toasted bread with a nice amount of garlic, enough to taste and savour but not too much to leave you with horrid garlic breath. Our mains for the night was the Pasta Special for BF (homemade pasta with prawns, chorizo, and a chilli tomato sauce), while I had the Triangoli (pumpkin and ricotta triangular pasta parcels in a chilli Neapolitan sauce with spinach and walnuts). BF’s pasta was zingy, delicious and a good serving, while mine was nicely balanced between the flavours but felt that the chilli was non-existent and the servings a little on the small side for being $20+ mains. Due to not feeling full from the mains I then ordered a slice of Apple Pie, which came with a serving of ice-cream to finish my appetite off. The apple pie was a bit disappointing like my meal had been, too much dough and not enough apple flavouring coming through for my liking, however the presentation was cute.

Overall The stars of the night were BFs pasta, the wine and the service at Blend. Also we have decided to return to try the pizza’s on the menu which look and sound to die for! So I will inform you of those when we do. I will try and remember to take a quick snapshot of my meals from now on before I devour them so that I can share those with you also. Let me know you’re experiences if you have tried this wine before or dined at Blend Cafe. Until next time!

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