Birthday Dinner @ Don Fernando’s, Richmond

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My last weekend in London was also my birthday and so it was spent filled with many bitter sweet moments. One of which was my final night out in Richmond, London. A part of town that I got to know quite well and ended up spending a large portion of my time in London in and around this area. I had been to Don Fernando’s previously with C who I taught with and having both loved it immensely we decided to revisit here with some other colleagues to have a farewell/birthday dinner.

Above is the range of dishes that we ordered to split between us. At first we were worried that we had not ordered enough food for ourselves, however by the time we had finished our meals this proved to be the perfect amount of food for 4 of us with the fifth turning up at the end to…

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Lunch @ Million Cafe & Restaurant, Istanbul

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While in Istanbul with Topdeck I had lunch at Million Restaurant and Cafe which is located walking distance from the Sultanahmet district on the older European side of the city. I went with two of the girls who were also doing the tour with me. We chose this cafe out of all the ones on the street due to the lady standing in the street, working for this cafe, being the only one who did not harass us while we walked up the street to check out the different cafes and restaurants.

I ordered a serving of meatballs and a Million milkshake to go with it (banana and honey flavoured), M ordered a sandwich to share with T and T also ordered a side of goats cheese pastries off the starter menu for a little something else on top of the half a sandwich. M liked the sandwich as did…

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BBC Good Food Festival 2015: Hampton Court Palace

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While H and I were at Hampton Court to see the Palace we coincided our visit there with the BBC Good Food Festival. You can read about our time in the palace and the exhibits we saw in this blog here. The food festival consisted of two long rows of tents stretching around the garden just outside of the palace as well as lots of deck chairs and bean bags on the lawn for people to sit on and eat food or to watch and listen to different bands and singers playing in the pavilion. H and I decided to wander the length of the festival first before settling on what we would have for lunch. We had already decided while in the Palace that gelato would be our final course as I was craving some.

Our first stop was at Dimkin’s Patisserie which stocked an interesting and…

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Food and Drink tour of Warsaw, Poland

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I had previously been on a Free Walking Tour in Krakow with the same group the day before for their Old Town walking tour and loved it so much that I made sure to collect a flyer for the Free Walking Tours they offered in Warsaw. The one tour that I knew I had to do while in Poland was the food and drink tour as being a food blogger I would be a fool to miss out on being shown some of the local delicacies and eateries while in town. I was unable to do the tour in Krakow as I was leaving the same afternoon it was running but was in Warsaw while they were running it so I went along to that one instead. The tour runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday days at 3pm and begins at the Charles De Gaulle statue at the Charles…

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Dinner @ Il Calzone, Krakow

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After meeting K while touring Auschwitz we ended up going out for dinner together when back in Krakow as we we’re now staying at the same hostel. We settled on Il Calzone for a restaurant as K did not want anything spicy and I was looking for something close to our hostel and this was just around the block. The restaurant is well sign posted on the street but is actually located off the street a little in a courtyard but very easy to find.

K and I decided to split a bottle of wine while there. K requested sweet over dry and looking over the menu there was only one wine that was listed as semi-sweet. That wine was a Gewürztraminer for 88PLN. The wine was more sweet than semi-sweet to my taste but I still enjoyed it and it went down a little too easily with the level…

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Dinner @ Polakowski, Krakow

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A and I decided to try some Polish food for dinner the night after our big walking expedition across Krakow, you can read about what we got up to that day in this blog post here. After speaking with the guy manning the desk at the hostel we set off to try Polakowski which he recommended highly. Polakowski is located in the Old Town of Krakow near the HolyTrinity Church, which was about a 5 minute walk from the hostel.

The restaurant is set up in a self-service style meaning you line up to place your order and return to the serving area when your number is called if part of your meal needed to be cooked. The restaurant was quite busy when we turned up at 8pm and the poor girl behind the counter was the only one working the front part of the restaurant meaning she was constantly…

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Lunch @ Hippopotamus, Budapest Airport

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While waiting for my flight back to London at Budapest airport I had a late lunch at Hippopotamus. I picked Hippopotamus to dine at partly because they were advertising a bacon and pineapple burger and party because I saw tables located next to power points and wanted to charge my phone again which had not fully charged at the hostel.

As I had been unable to order a cocktail with dinner the night before I went for a cocktail now and ordered a sec on the beach from their menu. Normally I abstain from alcohol when travelling by air so that I do not become dehydrated but after such a relaxing trip I figured one drink was a good way to finish the trip off. The cocktail was well mixed and the alcohol was balanced with all the other flavours, just how I like my cocktails. The presentation was…

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Room Service @ Danubius Gellért Hotel, Budapest

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When I arrived at the Danubius Gellért Hotel after settling into my hotel room I check out the restaurants looking for something to splurge myself with. What I found instead however was that I had checked in on a Monday night when all their restaurants were closed. Realising that fact and hearing the torrential rainfall outside the window of my hotel room I decided to treat to something I had never had before, room service.


Knowing that I was not going to leave the room for the evening I figured I would treat myself. I was quite hungry after my flight earlier that day meaning that I did not get the chance to grab a bite to eat over lunchtime making me quite famished by that later afternoon. I therefore ordered one of the mains off the room service menu and went for the ‘Chicken breast coated in cornflakes…

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Dinner @ Centre Food Point Store, London

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Before leaving London for my Balkan’s adventure I caught up with my friend C for dinner. Being Korean and me not remembering having tried Korean food before C suggested we check out a Korean restaurant below the Centre Point Food Store which is a store that stocks Korean and Japanese food.

I ordered a traditional dish called bibimbap which consisted of a fried egg, some slices of stir-fried beef, rice and some vegetables. I was then given a squeeze bottle of a spicy sauce with which I had to mix into the dish and then eat all together. To go with my dish I also tried a traditional rice based drink. The drink came in a can and was a combination of a slightly thicker than usual water and floating rice. The drink had a sweet flavour and a taste that was a combination of rice and a hint of cinnamon…

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Lunch @ A Casa Mia, Sligo

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The layout of the café is interesting in that there was a large main table that would seat over 20 people in small groups along with a collection of semi-sectioned tables for two. I quite liked the layout of the place as it invited a range of different dining situations and would be perfect for a tapas style dining situation I felt.

I went for the chicken stuffed with feta and wrapped with prosciutto on the specials board for my lunch as the rest of their options were quite light and I was feeling quite peckish with our late lunching time. The dish was all right, I felt that there was not enough feta with only a single piece in the middle and the salad it came with was quite lacking. The others who also ordered the same dish as me had similar observations, some also found the chicken dry…

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