London Burgers: Byron Burgers

When I first moved to London one of the meals that I came to miss from back home was my favourite burger joints of Missy Moos and Flipside (you can read my reviews of their burgers here and here). And after recovering from a severe infection I decided that enough was enough and set out to begin exploring the burger haunts of London. Thus I was introduced to burgers in London with Byron Burgers.

The layout of the Byron restaurant was interesting with the interior decorated and set out to mimic an old-style American diner. The restaurant also featured table service which was pleasant and professional at the Hammersmith location. We were greeted at the door and seated within seconds of entering and given ample time to peruse the menu.

While their menu is not extensive they cover the range of basic burger combinations. In the end I settled for the Cheese, which came with the description of ‘choose from mature Cheddar, American, smoked Cheddar, Monterey Jack, blue cheese or Emmenthal. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise.’ I opted for a classic cheddar to see what it was all about.

The meat patty was nice, of a good thickness. The vegetables were all fresh and good amounts used. The sauce was not overdone and the bun was fresh. However I was not overly sold and the burger felt it was too safe, missing that ‘wow’ factor that the burgers patties back home had. I had nothing against it and polished the entire thing off but did not feel the need to rush back for another one as I did with Flipside and Missy Moos.


Burger Verdict: Not bad, but not mind blowing either… 

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Pizza by the meter @ Sartori Restaurant

I went to Sartori to celebrate my friend A’s birthday earlier this year. It was to be a delicious and very filling night!

The range of pizza options is more than enough to satisfy everyone and you can order a few different options of pizza toppings if you do order the pizza by the meter so it is near impossible to not please the entire crowd. I do not know what toppings I ended up trying as I think we ordered almost every one across the numerous meters of pizza that the group ordered. Even stuffed to the brim with all the pizza I found some room to split a desert with a fellow diner and it was not a mistake!

The atmosphere of the restaurant was inviting and while crowded made for a great night out with friends both new and old. And the tables are well set up for the long slabs of pizza, with plenty of room for plates and drinks with the pizzas occupying the elevated center spot on the table.

Overall I highly recommend this place and with it’s central location it makes for a great meal out in London whether as the highlight of the night or as a pre-show meal.
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What does 2014 bring to Gourmet Vicariously?

This blog is a little over a year old and it has been quite the adventure already!

Firstly I have met some wonderful people this past year through this blog including the pleasure to be a part of a group of wine lovers in Perth who formed a Wine Century Challenge group. If you want to see our progress in the wine century challenge you can check it out here.

Secondly I have as a result of this blog discovered some wonderful places to dine out in and around Perth. It is amazing how many little places either already existed or have popped up in the past year. It has been a great thing to see how Perth has changed these past few years, and many many changes for the better!

Along with all these experiences I had quite a hectic year in 2013 outside of this blog as can probably be noted by my sporadic posting. In 2013 my highlight was that I completed my final year of studies to become a qualified secondary teacher and the lowlight was the ending of a long-term relationship with formerly known BF on this blog. With all the commotion of 2013 I decided to follow through on a dream that I have had since my first year of university. I have always wanted to live overseas and it was one of the first things to go on my bucket list when I sat down and wrote out a list when I turned 18.

With all my experiences from last year I begin 2014 with a very ambitious challenge – I have begun a second blog… and before I you say it I know what am I thinking two blogs when I could barely keep up with this one last year?! Well, this new blog is a more personal one to chart my travels as 2014 is bringing a change of scenery for me. In less than a months time I will be packing my life up into 30kgs and heading off to live on the other side of the world (the UK) for two years. For those who wish to see how my travels go feel free to check out Europe: Travel and Teach. I do not know how often it will be updated as I plan to use it more as a journal for my experiences while overseas as a teacher and traveller, as well as a way of letting friends and family back home know what I am up to while I am away.

So what does this mean for this blog in 2014? I will still be posting food and wine related content on this blog, however there will be a slight change of location and there may also be a slight drop in content uploading as I settle into my new life overseas (mainly find a place to call home on a semi-permanent basis with reliable internet) so I apologise in advance. I do however hope to post at least one new post a week – fingers crossed this will be a resolution I can keep this year 🙂