George Street Bistro, East Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I finally got around to returning to George Street Bistro after my previous dining experience with them as part of my Wine Essential Course. BF and I returned last month on a cold Saturday and were greeted by friendly staff and a menu filled with warm and hearty dishes.


Seared Sirloin Steak.

BF had the Seared Sirloin Steak which came with salad and chips. He seemed most impressed as it did not take him long to polish off the food on the plate. He’s also a little picky with how he likes his steaks to be cooked and this one came out to his satisfaction.


Bistro Homemade Pie.

I had the Bistro’s Homemade Pie, which on that day was chicken in a tomato based sauce. It was a combination that I had never had before in a pie however it was one which I enjoyed. And the salad that came with it (there was also a choice for chips or mash) was fresh and delicious. With the turn of the weather I opted to have some tea as I had seen they had an extensive tea menu, in the end I opted for goof old English Breakfast. This was a very nicely brewed pot of tea.


Tea for one.

I was impressed yet again with the food, the atmosphere and the staff. We were a little cold being seated by the open door on this cold day but this was something unavoidable when you turn up in the middle of lunch and along with everyone else wanting to sit inside.

Until next time!

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February Favourites

Hi everyone,

1. Favourite wine of the month?

Sorrenberg, 2010, Gamay, Victoria, Australia. Review of the wine can be found here. This is the bottle of wine which was suggested for our meal at Perth Print Hall by the Sommelier. A luscious wine filled with cherries on the nose and palate, I am still keeping an eye out for a bottle of this wine as it was delightful! I am still on the hunt for a bottle or two of the 2010 vintage so do share if you find some please!


King River, 2011, Saperavi, King Valley, Australia (RRP $55) – 14.4%

For such a plain looking label this wine really impressed me with it’s bouquet. I could have quite happily spent the entire night with this wine watching how the nose of the wine evolved as it aired out. This wine was  limited release which I had the chance to try at the second meet for the Wine Century Challenge. I ended up purchasing a bottle as there was limited supply left from this inaugural vintage.


2. What has been the best value wine of the month?

Massena, 2010, Tannat, Barossa Valley, Australia (RRP $28) – 14.5%

This is a wine I tried when I met up with some fellow wine lovers and bloggers for a Wine Century Challenge Meet. This is the wine that on the night I felt was the best vallue for money when we were discussing all the wines at the end. This wine I felt had a nice body and mouth feel of a much more expensive wine. This wine would be perfect once we’re into some cooler weather with a nice roast.

3. What has been added to my to-try wine list?

a younger vintage of the Arneis by First Drop. I had the chance to try the 2010 vintage at the Wine Century Meet. I was impressed with the wine’s structure however I felt that the wine’s age had brought it down. I would love to see how a younger vintage of this wine performs and if it meets the expectations I now have for it since trying the 2010 vintage.


4. What restaurants do I want to return to?

BF and I went to George Street Bistro during the past month (I haven’t had the chance to upload the post as of yet). The meal was hearty and filling for that one weekend this past month were we received a welcomed cold snap in Perth along with some welcomed rain. BF had a Seared Sirloin Steak while I had the ‘Pie of the Day’ which was Chicken in a tomato based sauce.


5. What was my favourite meal this month?

Desert at Perth Print Hall, it was to die for!

Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant ($16).

Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant ($16).

Lemon 'Spilled' ($16).

Lemon ‘Spilled’ ($16).

6. Upcoming events for next month?

Eat Drink Perth

7. Favourite wine packaging?

Claymore, 2011, ‘Joshua Tree’ Riesling, Clare Valley, Australia.

Simple packaging which drew BF in to select it and overall it was a delicious Riesling. Review of the wine can be found here.


8. Best service?

Perth Print Hall – review can be found here. The service was professional, quick and reflected the developments in Perth’s fine dining restaurants.

9. Restaurant I am most keen to try next month?

Bad Apples Wine Bar in Applecross is a place I have been trying to get to for the past month or so to check out their wine selection.


10. Wine Century Challenge.

Total: 35 varietals.

Favourite = Arneis (white) and Saperavi (red).

Until next time!

Outback Jacks, Northbridge

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I met up with a friend who was leaving the country for a few months for China to see a theatre show in Northbridge. We decided to grab dinner before the show and as it was one of her last nights in Perth I let he decide where and she choose somewhere to have her last western steak, leading us to grab a table at Outback Jacks.

I had the Beef Salad which consisted of medium rare beef strips over a salad of greens, carrot, green peppers, cucumber, tomato, noodles and finished with an asian styled sauce. I ordered this dish a little on a whim as it sounded a little hit-or-miss for me. Overall this dish was a hit with just the right amount of sauce, delicious beef strips and the noodles ended up tying the meal together. Personally more greens would have made it even better as the meat to salad ratio felt a somewhat biased to the meat, especially for a salad. I paired the salad with a glass of a Sauvignon Blanc off their wine list. The wine was nothing flash nor a name I recognised, it was an alright wine but nothing to rave about, hence leading to me having no recollection of it’s name.

Beef Salad.

Beef Salad.

My friend true to her word had a steak with chips and salad. It was thoroughly enjoyed and I hope it was enough to last her through until she returns back to Perth next year!


While I am not usually a fan of big chunks of meat, I am more drawn to salads and carb-based meals I was impressed by my meal and would happily return if I ever was in the mood for a steak or even that salad again.

Until next time!

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