Return to Missy Moos – Riverside Burgers

During Prac I would make sure each weekend I would venture away from the piles of marking and lesson plan preparing that felt never ending to get some vitamin D and social interaction. One weekend I caught up with a friend G and introduced her to Missy Moo’s Burgers. We decided to take the burgers for a road trip to the foreshore of Point Walter as it was one of the gorgeous summery weekends we had about a month ago.

G had never tried Missy Moo’s burgers before and I was not only in the mood for a burger that weekend but also wanting to do some more research following on from my Burgers War post. G ordered their beef burger ($10.50, containing WA premium lean beef pattie, tomato, baby spinach, aioli and Margaret River tomato relish) and quite enjoyed it. I decided to venture over to their chicken burgers and selected the Two Little Dickie Birds ($15, containing WA free-range chicken tenderloins,crispy bacon, fried pineapple, cheddar, tomato, baby spinach, aioli and Margaret River tomato relish). The presentation was not as nice as the first burger I had when I dined at Missy Moo’s, however it was likely squashed so it would fit in the wrapping as a to-go order. I liked the flavours in the burger and it did not last very long! To go with my burger I picked a bottle of Peach flavoured Iced Tea. This was a perfect way to spend an afternoon at the river and one that I need to repeat again this summer!

I am really enjoying the range of burgers that Missy Moo’s offers as well as their quality. I have noticed on their Facebook page that they did a $10 burgers day last Tuesday. If they offer another $10 burger day I would highly recommend checking them out as it would be a good feed for a steal!

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Burger Wars: Flipside vs. Missy Moos Gourmet Burgers

BF and I are quite the fans of a good burger. We had come to rely on Flipside in North Fremantle whenever our burger cravings would arise and had become quite loyal to this eatery. About a month ago however, I suggested we check out Missy Moo’s Burger Bar in South Fremantle. And thus the Burger Wars was created.


Located in Queen St. in North Fremantle, every time I have gone past Flipside it has been packed out and they even now deliver their burgers to Mojo’s bar next door. Flipside’s menu consists of simply flavoured burgers made from quality ingredients, you can view their menu here. Even though Flipside is not the closest burger bar BF and I call in an order every so often when we’re in need of a good well made burger. We’ve tasted our way through some of the burgers at Flipside but the QVB (pictured below) is our favourite and the burger which we hold all other burgers up against.


QVB Burger.

Missy Moos:

Missy Moos is located on South Terrace in South Fremantle. BF and I recently went to Missy Moos to try out their burgers, you can see their menu here. I had been eyeing off their menu for a while now and finally decided to check them out. I selected the Humpty Dumpty off the menu while BF had their beef burger along with a side of chips to share. I really enjoyed my burger and BF eyed it off the entire time wishing he’d ordered mine. I would have to say this is a strong contender against Flipside.


Humpty Dumpty Burger.

Over all I am enjoying there being another burger bar in Fremantle and will happily return to either Missy Moos or Flipside again. I would also love to hear if anyone else has any recommendations for a good burger location in Perth as I do think there will be more burger researching required before I can declare a winner of the Burger Wars.
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