Wine(s) of the Week: Beer Edition

Hi everyone,

For this being a food and wine blog I’ve been quite terrible with the wine part for the last 2 weeks, however the assignments are done and there is one final exam so the end of the tunnel is near! Or however that saying is meant to go…

I did spend some time at the Sail and Anchor pub in Fremantle on Saturday at their Beer Royale event, which had free samples from over 10 different West Australian brewing companies. Seeing as this was a beer event I figured the best person to show me around would be BF, and I believe he had quite a ball drinking all the free beer that was on offer! BF discovered some new beers to keep an eye out for, his favourite overall was the ‘Atomic’ Pale Ale (brewed by Gage Roads Brewery).

Beer Royale Poster.

I on the other hand had my dislike of pale ale confirmed, much to the despair of BF as he could not share his adoration of it with me, especially as the Atomic Pale Ale was my least liked beer at the event! The event still proved to be fun and entertaining for a wine drinker as I smelt and sipped my way through most of the beers on offer and found that my abilities to pick up the finer details in the beers has improved, never thought I would say that I could taste cloves in a beer but I did!

Proof that I at least held a glass of beer!

I promise that the hiatus of wine consumption over the past two weeks is something that will be rectified shortly! I am tempted to chill one of the Rose’s from Fifth Estate that I picked up at UnWined WA this week, so hopefully there will be a review for that one up sometime next week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!