Brunch @ The Little Concept, Fremantle

I went to The Little Concept (TLC) in South Fremantle after being introduced to Red Espresso at a meal at The Picked Fig (blog post here). When I popped into TLC to pick up some red espresso for at home I eyed off their cabinet of sandwiches and drinks menu and knew I had to return with some girlfriends for a meal and drink. My friends Miss M and Miss L agreed to have brunch with me and we returned a few weeks later.

When we arrived we were quickly drawn to their cabinet of sandwiches and slices and after a quick browse we settled on ordering a range of sandwiches, yogurts and chia dishes along with juices and coffees before settling in at one of their tables for a catch up chat. I ordered the toasted BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) along with a red espresso white mocha and an apple juice. The juices here received a big thumbs up from our entire group with Miss L and Miss M quickly ordering a juice after seeing mine. Miss L ordered the yoghurt and chia dishes of which she enjoyed both, and Miss M ordered a sandwich which I did not get a picture off as it was devoured very quickly and well enjoyed.

After our meal we continued to chat and enjoy our drinks and it was lovely to watch the constant stream of what seemed to be regular customers coming in for their morning coffee. TLC appears to have built up a very good reputation in the area for being opened roughly 12 months ago. Miss M, Miss L and I all enjoyed the atmosphere of the cafe. The staff were all friendly and we even had a sample of a yummy melted chocolate drink brought out to us while we were catching up and had no problem with us remaining there chatting for a few hours past our meal. I will be returning in the future as I would love to try more of the red espresso range as well as more of the sandwiches and bagels in their cabinet.

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The Mailing Room, Canterbury (Melbourne)

Hi everyone,

Sorry to everyone for not getting this post up on Thursday but here’s the first instalment of Melbourne meals.

While in Melbourne we saw a tv show which featured Mailing Road and some of the stores along it. One of the places featured on the show was The Mailing Room a cafe that is located in the old post office on the street. The Mailing Room’s focus is on their coffee, which they bring in and roast on site.


Their menu features fresh and seasonal breakfast along with coffee that impressed a seasoned coffee addict. The coffee (pictured below) was served at a temperature perfect for drinking it straight away, something that was definitely welcomed.

Mug of Coffee.

Mug of Coffee.

Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate ($4.8).

I opted for a hot chocolate with Colombian inspiration. It was quite mild on the chocolate but there was something very unique about this hot chocolate. Possibly not enough chocolate in it for me personally but it was a drink I think I could get used to quite easily, especially with the breakfasts that come out of the kitchen!

Eggs Florentine.

Eggs Benedict ($16.5).

Chorizo Breakfast.

Chorizo Breakfast ($17).

Summer Brekky.

Summer Brekky ($16.5).

We each ordered a different breakfast dish off the menu and all of us were very impressed on the meals, both on quality, quantity and freshness of ingredients as well as their relative cost for a meal in comparison with Perth. Their 63 degree eggs which were a signature of theirs and were delicious. Very impressed with the service and we left this place stuffed and very satisfied!

If this place ever considers expansion, I do hope they make it to Perth!

Until next time!

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2012 Fremantle Festival

Hi everyone!

Those of you who live in Perth may be aware that the Fremantle Festival began last weekend. For those of you who didn’t, it’s ok as the festival is running for a few weeks with different events. I’ll give you a quick highlight of the food and alcohol based events but there are many more events that are clothing, sporting and music based events for people of all ages!

Fremantle Festival 2012.

Friday November 2nd

8pm – late.

Sail & Anchor – Day of the Dead at the Sail & Anchor.

(Live entertainment and 12 beer taps and tiki cocktails across 2 bars)

Saturday November 3rd

9am – 5pm

Town Hall – Barista Competition.

(A competition to find the best barista to represent WA at the national competition in Melbourne.)

Sunday November 4th

10am – 7pm

South Terrace – Coffee Festival.

(South Terrace is shut down and is filled with barristers, spaghetti eating contests and lots of different coffee’s to try)

see this blog post for a more in-depth description of the event.

2012 Coffee Festival Poster.

Saturday November 10th and Sunday November 11th

Noon- 5pm

Sail and Anchor Pub – Beer Royale 2012 and WA Beer Week

(Two days of entertainment and craft beers from across Australia to sample.)

I’ll hopefully make it out to some of these events so come say hi if you see me or let me know what you thought if you go to one of these events! Feel free to send me any reviews and/or pictures you take if you go!

For the full list of events in the 2012 Fremantle Festival go here.

Until next time!