Farewell Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Summer Wrap is a series of my highlights and favourites from summer. A collection of eating,drinking and dining that captures the sunny warm weather of a Perth summer to a ‘T’. This two part post was the inspiration for this series as I have recently been looking back over this past summer and all the things I have enjoyed doing in and around Perth to do with drinking and dining.

This is the last post in the series as it was my last summer activity before I left for the UK. For my last day in Perth I chose to spend it with good company celebrating my favourite parts of summer in Australia. The highlight of the day was watching the sunset at the beach.


My last sunset at Cottesloe Beach

My last day in Perth was spent with good company celebrating at one of my favourite summer spots – the beach! While I was sitting with my friends on the foreshore watching the sun set after having a swim we all found that we were craving hot chips and a milkshake as the perfect snack. We found that Red Spoon did frozen yoghurt milkshakes and with some hot chips and sauce from Amberjack’s Fish and Chips we then settled in to watch my last Australian sunset for a few years.

Hot chips and a milkshake

Hot chips and a milkshake

I thoroughly enjoyed the view, food and company and think that I will have to spend many more evening like this when I return to Perth. I have recently been receiving reports that the weather is beginning to cool down in Perth so before it gets any chillier I would highly recommend this as a fantastic way to spend an evening!
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Perth Wine Century Challenge – Sixth Meet

Hi everyone,

To see what wines we have tried so far you can check out my blog posts on the first (unofficial meet) along with our second,  thirdfourth and fifth meets (official meets). Back in September I caught up with some fellow Perth wine lovers and bloggers for the third official Wine Century Challenge Meet. For those interested in my progress of the Wine Century Challenge I am keeping track of my progress on this page. This sixth meet-up was held at the Bad Apples in Applecross. The Tasting was organised by Stacey from Untapped Fine Wines and comprised of a selection of wines from her portfolio. Notes for the wines are under the categories of eye (E), nose (N) and palate (P) as usual for these tastings. All the noted prices for this tasting are the online prices for Untapped Fine Wines.


Before beginning the tasting I popped into Bad Apples a little early as I had spent the entire day writing assignments and had not had the chance to have lunch. A bad idea when I had a night of wine drinking ahead of me so I used the opportunity to try out their chicken skewers and sliders. I really liked the sliders and the chicken skewers in comparison did nothing to blow my socks off. My only gripe with the sliders is that it was $16 for the two of them, this places them in the ‘treats’ category unfortunately.


Ossain Quintauna, Verdejo, 2011, Spain (RRP $28)


E: pale, bright lemon yellow.

N: lemon, straw, slightly nutty, melon – a classic verdelho.

P: melon, lemon, peach, slight spritz, unoaked, and possibly a higher alcoholic content from the mouth feel of the wine.

Juan Carlos Sacha ‘Ad Libitum’, Tempranillo Blanco, 2010, Spain. (RRP $48)


E: pale, bright, yellow lemon.

N: honey, nutty, with a possible floral nose.

P: dry, crisp, clean, and mineral.

This is the first production of this mutation which was performed at this vineyard also. An interesting varietal to have tried but one which would have done significantly better if paired with food and still needs some time for the winemaker to find the best winemaking technique to use with this varietal.

Pazo San Mauro, Albarino, 2010, Spain. (RRP $43)


E: pale yellow.

N: sweetness, honey and melon – wow nose!

P: crisp, dry, hint of sweetness and possibly a hint of oak also.

Sant Josep Llagrimes de Tardor, Garnacha Blanc, 2009, Spain. (RRP $38)


E: pale yellow.

N: lots of honey.

P: dry with a slight honey taste.

El Porvenir Laborum, Torrontes, 2012, Argentina. (RRP $35)


E: clear and bright wine.

N: spicy, tangy, and pear.

P: very dry, good overall finish and mouth feel.


Catherine & Pierra Breton Chinon, Cabernet Franc, 2010, France. (RRP ~$35)


E: deep plum.


P:silky tannins, oak, and there was some alcoholic heat at the back of the palate.

Neo Tercer Motivo Bierzo, Mencia, 2008, Spain. (RRP $26)


E: deep plum.

N:spice and mint.

P:spicy and warm mouth feel.

Aquitania Reserva, Carmenere, 2011, Chile. (RRP $25)


E: deep ruby red.

N: oak and musty – reminded me of a homestead.

P: warm with a hint of spice.

This wine was a favourite of mine on the night.

Mi Terruno Reserva, Bonarda, 2010, Argentina. (RRP $30)


E: deep plum/brick red.

N: tobacco with a hint of mint.

P: dry and lots of tannins.

Juan Carlos Sanch ‘A Libitum’, Maturana Tina, 2010, Spain. (RRP $48)


E: deep plum.

N: this was described as smelling like “sweaty gym socks” by another person on the night and I think it summed it up quite well.

P: not great, short, and mellow.

from discussions with Stacy it seems like this wine’s faults were more due to the wine maker than the grapes. This is a varietal which few wineries are making and therefore those who are making it are in the process of ‘rediscovering’ this varietal.

Mendel ‘Lunta’, Malbec, 2011, Argentina. (RRP $33)


E: deep plum.

N: warm and hearty.

P: smooth, dry, lots of berries, with a spicy palate that developed towards the end.

This one was a definite favourite at the end of the tasting table I was at. I quite enjoyed it, it was definitely one of my top 3 picks but not the favourite of the night.

Vivanco Collection Parcelas, Graciano, 2007, Spain. (RRP ~$170)


E: deep violet.

N: spice, plum, cherry and aniseed.

P: warm, smooth, with a very good mouth feel.

I loved this wine! It had so many layers to it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we had the RRP’s given to us and I’d have to say that while I adored this wine on a value-for-money choice I would say the Carmenere was my second favourite and at a comparative RRP of $25 it is the clear winner.

During the later half of the tasting we had a selection of pizzas and chips brought out to us. I only managed a snap of the chips as the pizzas were devoured as soon as they were placed on the table, and I was one of those diving in for a slice or two. Really well presented and tasty pizzas and the chips were as good as last time.


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Left Bank, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

BF and I went and had lunch at the Left Bank just before the New Year when we had that heat wave. Having lunch overlooking the river made for a much cooler meal that we would have likely felt had we eaten in Fremantle like we had originally planned to.

I haven’t been to the Left Bank in over a few years since I last went for breakfast and found the spinach in my Eggs Florentine had not only not been washed but they also failed to take out a 2inch root before serving it to me. I decided to give The Left Bank a second chance.

BF had a pint of Bulmers cider, while I opted for a glass of West Cape Howe’s Riesling ($10.5) over cider at the last minute as it had been too long since my last Mount Barker Riesling.I ordered the Margarita Pizza ($17.5), BF ordered the Chicken Parmigiana ($23) and we also got a small side of chips with aioli sauce ($5.5).

Neopolitana Pizza.

Neopolitana Pizza.

The pizza was not bad, the base was done well for my liking, the tomato sauce was watery and the cheese felt a little too tough for my liking making me feel it was sort of plastic-ish cheese.

Chicken Parmigiana.

Chicken Parmigiana.

The potatoes that came with the parmigiana were delicious and creamy! Only downside was that the potatoes were cold from the dish being brought out to the table. BF enjoyed the parmigiana however the service was seriously large and he didn’t get through it all in the end.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips were alright, Aioli needed more garlic for my liking.

The wine was nice as satisfied my longing for a Riesling. Still would have to say I was spoilt being given the chance to sample Plantagenet’s 2012 Riesling last year, which made the West Cape Howe’s Riesling not bad, but still not the best I feel I’ve had.

Overall the meal was ok, better than my last time at the Left Bank but not enough to inspire me to return to the Left Bank for more than a drink with friends for a ‘Sunday Sesh’ in the future and possibly a snack to accompany our drinks.

Until Next time!

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Funtastico, Subiaco

Hi everyone,

My Subiaco lunch friend and I could only arrange a dinner catch up with all the hecticness of the Christmas and New Year period. I was in the mood for a little bit of comfort carbs after having spent the afternoon dealing with graduation mishaps at University. With my request in mind my friend suggested Fantastico, having been there in the past with her family and I’m glad she did!

We both picked out a Pasta dish each and had a serve of fries with aioli for us to share. I decided upon the Ravioli Napoletana which was delicious and just hit the spot for what I was looking for! With my dish I had a glass of Cape Mentelle’s Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, it was a nice crisp and refreshing drink for the hot evening meal.


Ravioli Napoletana ($28).

My friend chose Penne Con Funghi Di Bosco E Pancetta which was one of the other dishes I had been eyeing off on the menu. My friend was impressed with her meal also and like my dish the plate was bare when she was done with it.


Penne Con Funghi Di Bosco E Pancetta ($29).

The aioli that came with the fries was delightful! The chips as well were cooked quite nicely and were also quite handy for mopping up the last bits of sauce on my plate.


Patate Fritte with Aioli ($10.8)

The service at Funtastico was good, especially considering there was a few large and quite loud groups in the restaurant at the same time as us. We ended up finishing our meal in Subiaco at Gelare as my friend was in want of a strawberry ice-cream cone. I would happily return to Funtastico for a pizza and to try their deserts as they did look delightful when we went in but we had already decided upon Gelare for desert as we walked to the restaurant.

 The menus of Funtastico can be found here.

Until next time!

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