Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I went to the Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets with a friend. We didn’t stay too long as it was quite loud and chaotic and our first selection of food did more than enough to fill us up so we ended up opting for some retail therapy to burn off the food.

There were about 15 stalls at the event ranging from a few Japanese restaurants, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Vietnamese to Bratwurst and Snags and Sons (which I had tried at the Gourmet Escape last year), Paella, Crepes, Macaroons and Ice-cream. There was also music being played with involvement from those browsing the stalls, the music made it quite hard for my friend and I to catch up and was one of the reasons we choose to move on from the Markets.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

I opted for the meat version ($12) pictured above while my friend had the vegetarian version ($10) which came with feta and spinach. I have had these before in the past and thoroughly adore this dish. The dish was filling and quite rich however the lemon juice brought a nice touch of acidity, which balanced out the richness between the bread and meat.

After we had finished our meals we found ourselves satisfied, which was a little disappointing for myself as I had hoped to try some more dishes. We opted in the end for some retail therapy and a hot chocolate at the end before heading home. It was a very pleasant way to end the week and I do hope to make it back to the markets after university classes one friday to sample more of the dishes on offer.

I would love to return with a larger group so as the dishes can be shared around more giving me a chance to try more of the dishes which caught my eye on the night. Prices seemed very reasonable and you will leave the Markets thoroughly filled!

Until next time!

Margaret River 2012 Gourmet Escape

Margaret River 2012 Gourmet Escape

The Gourmet Escape was held one the lawn surrounding the Winery at Leeuwin Estate, which was reviewed by me in this post. There were a variety of Food, Distillery, Brewery and Winery stalls along with food and wine theatres for shows and classes.

Hay Bales outside the Rekorderlig Tent.

The Alchemists:

I recognised the name and am still yet to remember where but the lady running the stall was also the owner of the Winery, which she has owned for the last 6 years and was a delight to talk to! Their wines are mainly sold to restaurants in Perth or can be found at their cellar door on the Winery’s Estate.

Ashbrook Estate:

I had met the wine Maker (Tony Devitt) previously at the Blackwood Valley Wine Show last month and Tony recognised me at the Gourmet Escape so it was nice to catch up and continue our discussion about the South West wine region as well as to ask him many new questions that I had accrued along the way as I have continued to write and research for this blog. I also tried their range, while I spoke to Tony and I was quite impressed! Their red wines were made in French styling while the white wines were pleasant and many had seen a little oak, which made the red wine lover that I am quite happy.

Bahen & Co Chocolate:

This chocolate company had 4 chocolate on display, all with 70% cocoa which was too much personally for me and BF so we headed back to the wines after sampling them quickly.

Blue Cow Cheese Company:

This company is one which my grandparents adore and have gotten me hooked on their goats cheese which I get to have whenever I make it down south and have a meal with them. The cheeses for sampling and sale at the Gourmet Escape however was their Camembert, Brie, Cheddar and Shadforth. We had some left over tokens at the end of the day so I picked up a block of the Shadforth to take back to Perth and will let you know how it pairs up with wines!

Cape Mentelle:

This winery is one I have eyed off for a while now and have been meaning to head out to their cellar door but have not succeeded yet. I had hoped their Zinfandel would be out for tasting at the show but unfortunately they did not have it. Instead they had their basic range consisting of a Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and a Cabernet Merlot, which Liquorland stocks and personally these wine are well worth the ~$25 a bottle they are in Perth stores. They also had a few of their more premium range for sampling and I was impressed with the range, many of which have in the past year done very well with regards to gold medal award and trophies, this winery has a good solid repletion in the Western Australian wine industry.

Deep Wood Estate:

I popped over quickly to their stall to ask where I could find their Harmony Rose, which I had enjoyed at Rose Revolution. Those running the stall were not sure where in Perth it was stocked but did give me an ordering form the price was listed as being $13.50, a bottle with a minimum purchase of a dozen wines and a $5 freight charge.

Devil’s Lair:

This winery has impressed me in all their ranges. From their basic 5th Leg range, their middle range titled Hidden Cave, their premium self titled range Devil’s Lair and their side line Dance With the Devil, which, allows their wine makers to have a little fun. Their Dance With the Devil line was a fun and delicious discovery to make as one of the wine’s produced in this range was a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc with 40% Chenin Blanc. BF and I were big fans of this unusual blend and even took a bottle home with us at the end of the night with the last of our leftover tokens. This winery is one that I highly recommend and it is unfortunate that they currently do not have a cellar door so tasting opportunities besides buying a bottle is restricted to events such as Gourmet Escape.

Devil’s Lair Stall.

Knee Deep Winery:

I tasted my way through their range, which they had on display at Gourmet Escape. Their SBS was a stand out for me with lychee notes on the nose as well as being pronounced on the palate. Different but a winner for the summer months! Would be interesting to pair this with cheeses for a lazy afternoon drink or two with some friends. Will have to find where this wine is stocked in Perth!

Rosabrook Margaret River Winery:

I had the chance to sample their Chardonnay at the wine class that week and it had been the standout for the session as the best value for money for what it offered. The rest of their range was not bad, but I personally preferred their white wines to their red wines.

Stella Bella Wines:

This winery does some amazing wines! The whites were fresh, crisp and zesty while their reds had a nice balance between the oak, tannins and fruit. They also had some of their premium ‘Suckfizzle’ range which was delightful!

Swings and Roundabouts:

I had been eyeing off Swing and Roundabout wines in stores over the last month but had not yet tried any of their range. I however enjoyed trying their SBS with lychee on the palate, this is a winery that I will be looking out for in Perth! Staff at the event were also a pleasure to chat with!

Swings and Roundabouts Stall.

Xanadu Wines:

This was another winery that I had been wanting to try having heard many good things about their wines. Their range of wines on display were well made and the staff running the stall were a pleasure to chat with.

I am sorry to say that the food I sampled at the show did not last long enough to take a picture! The ‘char sui braised lamb shoulder with sour cream labna and wattle seed roll’ that Capel Vale was making at the show was to die for and was highly recommended by everyone that we ran into at the show! I also had many people tell me that the ’12 hour braised Margaret River ‘big red pig’ port, house made tortillas with condiments’ by Leeuwin Estate was also a standout dish.

Until next time!

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2012 Margaret River Gourmet Escape

Hi everyone,

So I’m sure many of you know about this event already as it has been advertised and talked about for many months now but I thought I would still share it with you all anyways. The Margaret River Gourmet Escape runs from Thursday the 23rd of November to Sunday the 25th this year, with the main event (called the Gourmet Village) being run on the Saturday and Sunday at Leeuwin Estate, along with numerous fringe events occurring in the towns and wineries surrounding Margaret River.

Gourmet Escape 2012.

The main event will have numerous wineries, chefs and other local industries showing their wares, along with shows from the different chefs and wine sessions. Heston Blumenthal is a big draw card for many attending this year.

The fringe/side events include beach dinners by different chefs, the chance to make your own champagne (which I will be doing and I will report back on how it goes!), wine tours, brunches, and lunches. Basically it is a weekend of decadence!

This link will allow you to purchase tickets to visit the Gourmet Escape on the Sunday at $50 for 2 adults instead of $35 each!

To start of my summer break I’m going to the Gourmet Village on the Saturday and making my own bottle of champagne on the Sunday. Will I be seeing anyone there?

Until next time!