Pancake Lunch @ Pancakes at Carillon, Perth

I caught up with my friend Mr A for lunch during his lunchbreak so he could introduce me to Pancakes at Carillon which he had discovered and then raved to me about. When we arrived after a quick walk from his office we were quickly seated and presented with menus by the friendly waitress. The menu was larger than I expected and took me back to memories of my visits to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) when I was last in the States with the lists of different flavoured pancakes and crepes options.

After about 5 minutes the waitress returned to take our orders, it was a little rushed but considering it was mid-week and during common lunch hours I we did not mind as we had places to be. The food like the ordering did not take long either; with what seemed like barely another 5 minutes we had our pancakes in front of us.

I ordered the Bavarian Apple Pancakes, which contained ‘hot cinnamon spiced apples and sultanas with two buttermilk pancakes topped with cream, vanilla icecream and dusted with cinnamon sugar’ ($14.90) along with an Iced Chocolate ($4.90). I quite enjoyed the pancakes but soon realised that their size was deceptive as they were quite filling and found myself unable to finish my serve, as my eyes had been hungrier than my stomach was. I enjoyed the pancakes, they were fluffy and cooked just right and the apple and cinnamon flavouring is a favourite of mine so it did not disappoint.

Overall I enjoyed Pancakes at Carillon and think it would make for the perfect stop or start for weekend shopping in the city. Pancakes at Carillon is located on the top floor of the Carillon City Arcade next to the ABC Shop.

Pancakes at Carillon on Urbanspoon

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