Return to Missy Moos – Riverside Burgers

During Prac I would make sure each weekend I would venture away from the piles of marking and lesson plan preparing that felt never ending to get some vitamin D and social interaction. One weekend I caught up with a friend G and introduced her to Missy Moo’s Burgers. We decided to take the burgers for a road trip to the foreshore of Point Walter as it was one of the gorgeous summery weekends we had about a month ago.

G had never tried Missy Moo’s burgers before and I was not only in the mood for a burger that weekend but also wanting to do some more research following on from my Burgers War post. G ordered their beef burger ($10.50, containing WA premium lean beef pattie, tomato, baby spinach, aioli and Margaret River tomato relish) and quite enjoyed it. I decided to venture over to their chicken burgers and selected the Two Little Dickie Birds ($15, containing WA free-range chicken tenderloins,crispy bacon, fried pineapple, cheddar, tomato, baby spinach, aioli and Margaret River tomato relish). The presentation was not as nice as the first burger I had when I dined at Missy Moo’s, however it was likely squashed so it would fit in the wrapping as a to-go order. I liked the flavours in the burger and it did not last very long! To go with my burger I picked a bottle of Peach flavoured Iced Tea. This was a perfect way to spend an afternoon at the river and one that I need to repeat again this summer!

I am really enjoying the range of burgers that Missy Moo’s offers as well as their quality. I have noticed on their Facebook page that they did a $10 burgers day last Tuesday. If they offer another $10 burger day I would highly recommend checking them out as it would be a good feed for a steal!

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