Pre Theatre Dinner @ Six Senses Thai, Subiaco

Back in July I caught up with my friend S to go and see Cats performed at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco. Before going to the show S took me to a favourite restaurant of hers a little further down Rokeby Road from the theatre called Six Senses Thai.


Chicken Six Senses

For an entree S suggested we split the Chicken Six Senses (pictured above) which were much more filling than I anticipated they would be when the waitress first brought them out.

For mains we ordered a dish each to share plus rice for two. S chose the Massamun Beef Curry while I ordered the Pad Thai Noodle (both pictured below). The portions that came out were more than enough for the two of us and we were not able to finish the two dishes. I was very impressed with the balanced flavours of the main dishes. Out of the two I would have to say the Massamun Beef Curry won as it had an amazing spice base in the sauce and the meat was ever so tender, I really enjoyed the dish!

The restaurant had an intimate arrangement of tables as the small size of the restaurant enabled them to do so, and S and I were happy to spent the hour or so before the show eating and catching up. Overall I enjoyed the meal and would return in the future as I would love to try some more dishes from their menu. You can check out their menu at this link.

Six Senses Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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