Dinner at The Merrywell, Crown Casino

Hi everyone,

For BF’s birthday this year he let me decide where to go for dinner so I settled on the Merrywell at the Crown Casino and I had been wanting to see how the refurbishment had gone and to check out all the new restaurants that have opened since then.

Cocktail and Beer.

Cocktail and Beer.

I ordered a cherry and rum flavoured cocktail, the name of which escapes me but I have noticed that it is no longer on the menu which is a shame as I really loved it! BF got a beer and it came in a weighty little glass stein which  remind me of the many times we spent drinking beer in Germany.

BF and I opted to grab a meal each as well as something of the share platter for some veggies. I almost ordered another share dish and was questioning myself when the meals came out as I looked at the portion sizes. After a few mouthfuls however BF and I soon realised we had more than enough food for the two of us.

Mexican corn on the cob.

Mexican corn on the cob.

To share we ordered a serve of the Mexican corn on the cob which consisted of corn coated in zingy spices and cheese. I quite enjoyed how the cheese balanced out the spicyness of the mexican corn, however I felt that there was too much cheese on the cob and it can quickly make you feel a little sickly from cheese overload.


The Merrywell Burger.

The Merrywell Burger consisted of lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, special sauce, Bacon, and a side of french fries. I could not fault this burger and struggled to finish it off. I really enjoyed this burger and while some more veggies would have finished it off perfectly this restaurant is big on cheese, meat and fat and this burger delivered on all three.


Meatball and Fettuccine Pasta.

BF picked the pasta dish on the menu which I too had been eyeing off. When it came out we were a little worried with the portion sizing. The dish however was a struggle to finish in the end and BF enjoyed it.

We skipped having desert here even though I have seen and heard fantastic things from the Merrywell to have a birthday cake at home with the family. I will be back for sure to try their deserts! Over all BF and I were content with the meal costing around $80. The only downside to dining at the Merrywell was a lack of a booking system causing us to circle the restaurant a few times before we managed to snag a table as people were leaving it on a mid-week night. Go to the Merrywell if you are in the mood for a carb and meat overload and not looking for many veggies, aka a good American feed.

Until next time!

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