Viet Hoa, Northbridge

Hi everyone,

I was introduced to Viet Hoa by my friend S for her 21st a few weeks ago. We went on a Monday night and were told we could not book a table as there was only two of us, but that there would be plenty of tables. By the time we arrived for dinner around 7:30pm the entire restaurant was full and we ended up forming the start of a line of people waiting for a table to open up. This was not a problem as it helped for me to build up a healthy appetite and to eye off the different dishes around the restaurant.


We were seated within 10-15 minutes of arriving, and by that point we were pretty certain on what we were going to order. Our orders were quickly taken and sent to the kitchen and our spring rolls entree were out within minutes it seemed from ordering. I opted for the free Chinese Tea my my drink with dinner. I am an absolute sucker for ordering Chinese Tea whenever it is on the menu. The flavours of the tea developed over the course of the meal but did not reach the point of becoming overpowering. It was a very refreshing drink.

Chinese Tea.

Chinese Tea.

The spring rolls were a great start to the meal and were polished off very quickly as our mains arrived within 5 minutes of the spring rolls coming out of the kitchen. The turn around of this restaurant was great and the quality of food was not suffering from the speed in the kitchen.


Entree – Spring Rolls.


Stir Fried Beef with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts.

Stir Fried Beef with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts.

Another weakness of mine is broccoli, and when I saw this dish on the menu I was set on trying it. I did contemplate ordering another dish to try more of the menu but S discouraged me and I’m glad she did. The portion sizes are generous – both the meat and rice dishes – and will be plenty for one, even two if you’re not starving. I quite enjoyed this dis, my one complaint regarding this dish however there was personally not enough broccoli in it compared with the large amount of onion and mushrooms – however I do love my broccoli so there could have possibly never been enough broccoli for my liking… still overall the dish was nice and mildly seasoned.

Single serving of rice.

Single serving of rice.

S ordered a favourite dish of hers, Chicken Hofan (pictured below). S heartily dug into this dish as she had been getting excited about all day. I didn’t hear much from her about the dish but a nearly finished plate and a content look on her face said everything – the Hofan had been as good as S had been expecting.


Chicken Hofan Soup

After filling up at Viet Hoa we decided to walk down the street to Icey Ice for desert. When we arrived S was all set with her regular order of a Milk Icey in a crepe while I opted for a Peach Bubble Tea as the walk has not built up enough my appetite for desert. The staff at the counter were quick and efficient. The only let down was that the female toilets at this Icey Ice were in need of a bit more staff attention, especially on a quiet Monday night.

Peach Bubble Tea and Milk Crepe Icey.

Peach Bubble Tea and Milk Crepe Icey.

Overall it was a wonderful meal in Northbridge with S and hopefully we will resume our japanese lunches in the near future as I am in need of chopstick practice to maintain my half decent ability to use them.

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Viet Hoa, Northbridge

  1. Your review looks and sounds like an infomercial, I hope it’s genuine….This used to be one of Perths best Vietnamese resturants but it sank to the lowest of the low due to bad management, bad service and bad food. Hope your review is genuine.

    • Hi Tim,
      Welcome to Gourmet Vicariously! The review is genuine and I am sorry to hear that I did not see Viet Hoa at it’s prime. Do let me know if you have any recommendations of a good Vietnamese restaurant in Perth as I am always up for trying new restaurants.

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