Isola di Capru, Phillip Island

Hi everyone,

This is my last restaurant review from my time in Melbourne and is for Isola di Capru on Phillip Island. We came to Phillip Island for the penguin parade which occurs nightly on the island. As we had to wait until sunset for the penguins so we ended up in the town of Cowes for dinner.


One of the adorable penguins from Phillip Island.

We settled on Italian as I had been craving Spaghetti Carbonara ($19.50 main) for the week before the trip. Mum settled on a simple bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese ($12 entree) and my cousin had a Chicken and Mushroom Risotto ($24.50 main). The full menu can be found here. The Carbonara was a little disappointing compared to the rich sauces that I create when I make it at home this meal seemed less flavoured and rich as well as a thinner sauce. The Risotto on the other hand was well received and so filling that my cousin was unable to finish it. We also had another friend from Perth come along for the meal







Side of Chips.

Side of Chips.

To go with our meals my cousin and I ordered glasses of wine each. I had a glass of 2009 Serafino Chardonnay ($8.5) and my review of the wine can be found in this post. My cousin selected a glass of the 2012 Grant Burge Moscato from the Barossa Valley ($8.5).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was bustling and relaxed. Service was quite hard to come by when we had our meals slowly trickling out of the kitchen. The gentleman who I believe was the owner was a delightful man to meet and had such a cheeky and vibrant personality that drew us into the restaurant. For being seated right by the kitchen and bar and next to the main thoroughfare in the restaurant it was hard to get a waiter to ask for the rest of our dishes and some parmesan for the pasta.

Overall I was disappointed by my meal and the service, others that I was dining with were content with their meals however.

Until next time!

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