Melbourne Snacks

Hi everyone,

This post was one that evolved as I took numerous photos of all the little snacks and food stops I had along the way while in Melbourne and realised at the end that there was no way I could do a post for each and everyone single one, even though many deserved it as I would be writing those posts until almost the end of time. The solution to this was to collect them into one post, and hopefully one which is not too haphazard.

Queen Victoria Markets


One of the mornings in Melbourne was spent wandering around looking at all the different stalls with things for sale at the Queen Victoria Markets. Before we could do so we went and had breakfast in the food section of the market. There was such a great selection of foods not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner options that I wish we had a spare night or two in the schedule to wander over to the markets and pick something that caught our fancy before going home straight away to have it for dinner. For breakfast I settled on a homemade toasted bacon and egg roll with a berry smoothie from Cafe Reń. The toasted roll was quite nice and very fresh unlike their usually thought of counterparts from McDonalds… The smoothie on the other had was such a disappointment. Stick to buying your smoothies from the stalls that specialise in them as the bakery I went to gave me a cup of watered down berry flavoured yogurt. My cousin on the other hand had one of my all-time favourite smoothies – think jam-packed with fruit and ice from Juice Haven. The other standout from our market experience was the African Chicken Piadina, which Mum selected from a pizza shop a few places down from Cafe Reń. I had been eyeing off this particular item but decided against it as avocado and coriander are not favourites of mine however mum loved them and loved it.


Toasted Bacon and Egg Roll.




African Chicken Piadina.

Lord of the Fries


I was sold from their name, and from my first bite of their deep friend chicken nuggets and hand cut fries I was in fast-food love! I didn’t realise until after the guy had coated my meal in tomato sauce that they have a selection of special sauces – something to save for my next trip to Melbourne I guess!


Little Cupcakes


Giant selection of mini cupcakes… need I say more?

My selection of cupcakes (mint, raspberry and white chocolate, Cookie Monster, Chocolate fudge brownie, red velvet).

My selection of cupcakes (mint, raspberry and white chocolate, Cookie Monster, chocolate fudge brownie, red velvet).



small selection of the available macaroon flavours.

I found out while in Melbourne that my cousin had never tried a macaroon before. I rectified that immediately the next time I saw a macaroon stall upon finding this out. I grabbed a rose macaroon for myself while my cousin had the Chocolate Fudge. The rose macaroon was different and unusual in flavour, and in comparison to the heavenly chocolate fudge macaroon it stood no chance. Must have these more often as the flavour selection at the shop was so tantalising but it would have hurt the bank and my stomach as I was carrying around 5 mini-cupcakes already at this point.


Until next time!


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