Wine(s) of the Week: University (week 1)

Hi everyone,

Sorry this post is a day late, I was in need of some well deserved sleep over the weekend and forgot to upload this post. I’ve been hitting the books all week having been accepted into my graduate degree and had not had the chance to drink anything besides a celebratory bottle of bubbly with BF on Friday night. I grabbed a bottle of wine which I first sampled over at Chandon in the Yarra Valley last week to show to BF as I felt it was right up his alley as a sweeter styled traditional methode sparkling wine.


Survival Wine.

This bottle of Chandon Curve Riche was a little disappointing in comparison to what I had while in Melbourne. The wine improved as I let it chill longer, perhaps my impatience got the better of the wine.

Chandon Curvee Riche

Chandon Curvee Riche

My main drinks over the past week and likely this week as well will be lots of cups of tea. I have been enjoying Aroma Cafe at ECU’s campus – the selection of breakfast sandwiches, muffins and snacks are so tantalising that I plan to try one of almost everything over he course of my graduate degree.

One of many cups of tea to be consumed over the course of this year.

One of many cups of tea to be consumed over the course of this year.

Lastly there will be changes occuring with the postings on this blog. I will be writing as much as I can and I endeavour to get out my Melbourne posts in the next few weeks but I have to put my studies first so there will be a decline for a little while in consumption of wine as well as posts.

Have a good week everyone!

Until next time!


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