Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I went to the Perth Twilight Hawkers Markets with a friend. We didn’t stay too long as it was quite loud and chaotic and our first selection of food did more than enough to fill us up so we ended up opting for some retail therapy to burn off the food.

There were about 15 stalls at the event ranging from a few Japanese restaurants, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Vietnamese to Bratwurst and Snags and Sons (which I had tried at the Gourmet Escape last year), Paella, Crepes, Macaroons and Ice-cream. There was also music being played with involvement from those browsing the stalls, the music made it quite hard for my friend and I to catch up and was one of the reasons we choose to move on from the Markets.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

Beef, feta, and onion gozleme.

I opted for the meat version ($12) pictured above while my friend had the vegetarian version ($10) which came with feta and spinach. I have had these before in the past and thoroughly adore this dish. The dish was filling and quite rich however the lemon juice brought a nice touch of acidity, which balanced out the richness between the bread and meat.

After we had finished our meals we found ourselves satisfied, which was a little disappointing for myself as I had hoped to try some more dishes. We opted in the end for some retail therapy and a hot chocolate at the end before heading home. It was a very pleasant way to end the week and I do hope to make it back to the markets after university classes one friday to sample more of the dishes on offer.

I would love to return with a larger group so as the dishes can be shared around more giving me a chance to try more of the dishes which caught my eye on the night. Prices seemed very reasonable and you will leave the Markets thoroughly filled!

Until next time!


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