Little Creatures, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I met up with a friend who was leaving for a trip around Australia for one last meal and her request was that there be cider there so I suggested Little Creatures in Fremantle. We had another friend join us for lunch as well and the three of us opted to order 3 ‘big shares’ off the menu as well as a side of their famous frites with aioli to share between the three of us.

Beef Nachos.

Beef Nachos.

My friend selected the Chilli Beef Nachos with guacamole and sour cream ($23) and on presentation they looked quite unappealing however the mince and bean combination in these nachos was delicious with a hint of zingyness. Possibly not a dish I would come back for as it was quite a messy and chaotic dish to eat.

Chicken Tenderloins.

Chicken Tenderloins.

My selection off the menu was the Chicken Tenderloins ($21) which consisted of free range chicken tenderloins, chermoula spiced, raita. This dish was delicious and I most definitely ate more than my fair share of it. The chicken was coated with spices that when the lemon wedge and raita were added to it led me to foodie heaven! I highly recommend this dish and hope they still have it on the menu next time I am there!

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

Potato Salad with Smoked Ocean Trout.

My other friend ordered the Potato Salad with Smoked Trout, Capers and Spring Onions ($15). This dish came out before the nachos and chicken tenderloins with the frites and made for a very potato filled start to the meal. This meal was light and fresh and while different to the potato salads I usually have, still not a bad one.

Frites with Aioli.

Frites with Aioli.

Lastly is a dish, which practically no one leaves without having when they go to Little Creatures in Fremantle. Their Frites with Aioli ($9.5) are delicious with their homemade feel and the Aioli dipping sauce a highlight of this place. We ended up running out of Aioli and the waitresses were only too happy to get us more at no charge. These frites make for a great accompaniment to any meal or drink ordered from Little Creatures.

Until next time!

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