The Quarter on Hay, Perth

Hi everyone,

When I went to Unwined WA earlier this year I won a meal voucher and some wines for purchasing my tickets before the day. The meal voucher was for The Quarter on Hay in the city. With the end of the year approaching BF and I decided we really should use it and celebrate the end of the year before the Christmas and New Years period completely began. We decided to be extravagant and go all out in the meal resulting in us leaving very satisfied after three courses, a bottle of wine and a French desert wine each.

We began the night after placing our orders with an Amuse Bouche (Duck Pate, something else with Sweet Capsicum sauce – free). It was slightly hard to hear what the waiter was saying as they were a little softly spoken and the speakers in the restaurant were a little too loud for us to hear them, this meant that I missed what the Amuse Bouche consisted of as well as the three cheeses on our cheese board. The sauce that accompanied the Amuse Bouche was delicious and BF and I were both big fans of it.


Starter – Shared 3 Cheese Board with spiced apple chutney, and house made five seed bread. ($21)

The cheese board consisted of a hard cheese on the left, a soft cheese with a very sharp rind in the middle (BF said it reminded him of a barnyard smell and he was quite right) and on the right was a soft rind cheese which for me had just the faintest hint of blue cheese in it (BF couldn’t taste the blue cheese and declared the last one his favourite). I quite enjoyed all three cheeses so I polished off what BF left of the other two while he finished off his favourite. The bread that they provided was delightful and I so wish there had of been more of it! The bread was fresh, flavoursome and lightly toasted – I think overall this bread may have been my favourite single element of all the dishes I had on the night. The spiced apple chutney was served in a pastry box and really worked well with the cheeses.


After the starter BF and I moved onto our mains. I had chosen the Salmon while BF chose the Beef. We had googled the restaurant prior to booking so we had an idea of the menu. BF was slightly horrified at the thought of a snail filled sauce, however when he asked if he pass on the sauce the waiter was quick to assure him that the sauce was parsley only and the snails were placed on top of the meat whole and could be pushed to the side. Obviously this is a common question and one which could be excluded by better wording on the menu?

Pan fried salmon, roast fennel & shallots, potato gallette, pernod & tarragon beurre blanc ($39)



Roast fillet of beef, dauphinoise potato, glazed vegetables, snail & parsley sauce ($44)



We shared a tiny portion of our meals with each other and declared both to be delicious. However we felt that the potato dishes that we had received worked better with the opposite dish as the potato with the salmon were very crispy while the potato dish with the beef was very creamy.

I did also attempt to try an escargot seeing as I had the opportunity, from the sneaky shot BF took of me as I was eyeing it off it’s clear I was unsure of it. In the end the texture was definitely not what I was expecting and it was quietly returned to the plate.




With our deserts we chose to have a glass of desert wine each and with a selection of an Australian and French wine we both opted to try the French one. With the deserts they all looked  very tantalising so we decided to pick two and switch plates half way through.

Chateau d’Yquem “Les Tertre Du Lys D’or” , Sauternes, France ($14 a glass).

This wine was a slightly impulsive decision and one i did not regret! The wine had oak present on the nose and palate, with the wine being sweet and syrupy on the palate with a refreshing aftertaste that cleansed the palate quite well. A good wine to finish the meal off.

Vanilla and honey crème brulee, confit rhubarb, vanilla shortbread, rhubarb crisp ($16)

Creme Brûlée.

Creme Brûlée.

I selected the Creme Brûlée and on first tasting the individual flavours thought there were quite a few strong flavours and wondered if it would pair together. When I had a little portion of everything at once however the dish was a success and I loved it.

Lemon & mascarpone tart, lime & marscapone sorbet, candied citrus fruits ($16)


Lemon & mascarpone tart

BF selected the tart as he he seems to love anything with citrus in it. His selection however was such a refreshing dish and quite possibly won me over more than the Creme Brûlée which is a tough call for me to make. The filling of the tart melted off the tip of your tongue literally the moment it entered your mouth and it really helped cleanse my mouth from the creamy and quite sweet Creme Brûlée dish I had ordered.

Overall the meal was delicious and the service that our waiter William provided was fantastic it was professional but still friendly making us feel very welcomed. BF and I were quite keen to head back to try more of their deserts, cheeses and their earlier dinner menu which looked quite tantalising.

The only downside to the meal was the fact that I ended up with food poisoning that night and am quite sure it was the Salmon main dish that I had. I do not regret the meal or my experience at The Quarter on Hay and like I said before would love to head back for another meal there. I have notified The Quarter on Hay about the food poisoning however they were closed for the Christmas and New Year Period and yet to reopen and find my email.

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “The Quarter on Hay, Perth

  1. Hi,

    The Sauternes was not a d’yquem, the two labels are only linked by the fact that they come from the same region and when the 2001 vintage of Les Tertre was released, Halliday suggested you could think of this as a d’yquem second label, if such a thing ever existed.

    If the restaurant is suggesting there is a formal link it is misleading.

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