Left Bank, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

BF and I went and had lunch at the Left Bank just before the New Year when we had that heat wave. Having lunch overlooking the river made for a much cooler meal that we would have likely felt had we eaten in Fremantle like we had originally planned to.

I haven’t been to the Left Bank in over a few years since I last went for breakfast and found the spinach in my Eggs Florentine had not only not been washed but they also failed to take out a 2inch root before serving it to me. I decided to give The Left Bank a second chance.

BF had a pint of Bulmers cider, while I opted for a glass of West Cape Howe’s Riesling ($10.5) over cider at the last minute as it had been too long since my last Mount Barker Riesling.I ordered the Margarita Pizza ($17.5), BF ordered the Chicken Parmigiana ($23) and we also got a small side of chips with aioli sauce ($5.5).

Neopolitana Pizza.

Neopolitana Pizza.

The pizza was not bad, the base was done well for my liking, the tomato sauce was watery and the cheese felt a little too tough for my liking making me feel it was sort of plastic-ish cheese.

Chicken Parmigiana.

Chicken Parmigiana.

The potatoes that came with the parmigiana were delicious and creamy! Only downside was that the potatoes were cold from the dish being brought out to the table. BF enjoyed the parmigiana however the service was seriously large and he didn’t get through it all in the end.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips with Aioli Sauce.

Chips were alright, Aioli needed more garlic for my liking.

The wine was nice as satisfied my longing for a Riesling. Still would have to say I was spoilt being given the chance to sample Plantagenet’s 2012 Riesling last year, which made the West Cape Howe’s Riesling not bad, but still not the best I feel I’ve had.

Overall the meal was ok, better than my last time at the Left Bank but not enough to inspire me to return to the Left Bank for more than a drink with friends for a ‘Sunday Sesh’ in the future and possibly a snack to accompany our drinks.

Until Next time!

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