Ditch the Pitch

Hi everyone,

 Ditch the Pitch is a company, which I was introduced to at UnWined WA last year. Ditch the Pitch provides a service to wine makers of gaining customer feedback on a good retail pricing for their produce. Ditch the Pitch gathers this information through providing people with a bottle of wine from the company for free and then asking them to taste it and provide some feedback on it.


On their website there is the option to sign up for the chance to receive a sample. There is  however there is no timeframe in which you may receive a sample, and it seems the business is just starting up so it may take them a little while, but in the mean time it does not hurt to go in for a free bottle of wine!

Fellow wine blogger Travelling Corkscrew also went to UnWined and got the chance to attend a tasting session at the show run by Ditch the Pitch. Her blog post of Ditch the Pitch can be found here. When I went to their stall at UnWined WA I had the choice of a selection of wines from Shag on a Rock as well as a few other wines from The Growers. I ended up walking away with a 2009 Riesling from The Growers to sample and my review of the wine can be found in this blog post. Overall the wine was past it’s prime and not a Riesling that I enjoyed, which was a shame as it seemed many people enjoyed the Shag on a Rock wines.

Until next time!


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