X-Wray Cafe, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

I caught up with a friend from University a few weeks ago and went out for lunch with him. He left selection of the venue up to me so I decided upon X-Wray in Fremantle which I had often walked past but ready many a mixed review on it. The weather during the day was warm and muggy so we opted for a table in the shade on the veranda as there was little different between the inside and outside temperature of the cafe as all of it’s windows were open. Armed with ice cold drinks we waited for our meals which we had selected from their fridge of daily specials rather than their menu.

I had selected the quiche which from memory had goat’s cheese in it and came with a side of their three available salads on the day and a tomato side. I am a lover of broccoli and beans so that part to the salad was alright but the bean salad and the leaf salad which was at the bottom and a little soggy by the time I got to it were not all that great. The quiche was bland and fell apart when I attempted to cut it up. It was ok but nothing great for me personally.



My friend opted for the other item in the fridge which had also caught my eye, the Frittata. He was not overly impressed with the salad. And I believe the frittata was a little disappointing as well.



Overall the atmosphere of the cafe along with the  fact that I was having a long-overdue catch up with a friend is what made the meal pleasant. The food at X-Wray seemed too bland and too slapped together to really appeal to me. Perhaps the weather had gotten to the kitchen staff out back? Still interested to go back and order something off their menu, perhaps those dishes which looked cooked to order will impress me.

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “X-Wray Cafe, Fremantle

    • Ho Shaun,
      Thanks for reading the blog! I am a lover of all foods and do not discriminate on how a place presents their food. Have you been to X-Wray?

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