Wine(s) of the Week: Summer Break (week 6)

Hi everyone,

Last Sunday I only posted up my drinks from Christmas Day, which can be read here. With the heatwave that has struck Perth the last week or so, drinking anything other than water has been not a significant priority for me last week so this blog post and this Sunday’s blog post will likely be quite small. I will be heading off to Melbourne on Sunday so I’m hoping there will be less humidity and heat over east so I can really delve into and enjoy some Victorian wines while I am there.

Last week I also opened up a bottle of Banrock Station’s Moscato so I could tell customers what I thought of it when they ask. This moscato reminded me of Brown Brother’s especially the almost syrupy finish of the wine. For a $5-9 bottle of wine it isn’t bad if you’re in the mood for something sweet however you may feel a little sick by the end of the bottle due to the after taste, not enough acid in the wine to cleanse the palate. Tropical fruit on the palate and served chilled made it a nice wine to have a glass of after getting home from work during the heatwave.

Banrock Station Moscato.

Banrock Station Moscato.

BF and I decided to head out for lunch late last week and opted for the Left Bank outside Fremantle for lunch overlooking the river. The location seemed to attract the breeze which helped fight off the horrid heatwave heat. While we had lunch I opted to try West Cape Howe’s Mount Barker Riesling ($10.5 a glass) for some refreshment. The crisp dry Riesling was a good pick for the weather.

West Cape Howe Riesling.

West Cape Howe Riesling.

I ended the week by heading down south to see some family before heading to Melbourne, where the temperature and humidity were lower and a little more pleasant. While I was there we opened and shared a bottle that Mum and I had picked out for them for Christmas when we went on a tour of Peel Estate Winery last year as part of my Wine Essential’s Class (write up of the winery tour can be found here) a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. For a mere $30 if you buy the bottle individually you receive a bottle of wine which in my opinion stands in the same league (possibly even better) as wines from Margaret River which attract prices over $60. The wine had body, and was showing balance on the palate as well as the potential to have cellared for a few more years. Thinking I need to head back to the Cellar Door at Peel Estate sooner than later to not only try their famous Zinfandel but also to stock up on some more of their value-for-money reds!

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Until next time!


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