Christmas Drinks

Hi everyone,

In Perth the temperature peaked at 39.6°C on Christmas Day. This weather was not the most inspiring for sipping on wine all day, neither was the fact that I had to drive between houses for different Christmas meals. In the end I still managed to sample 4 different wines across the day, which I will review in the post below.

1. Olive Farm 2012 Rose ($18 a cellar door)

I had this wine with a light lunch with my family. Slightly sweet, with a refreshing finish. We had some salads, cold meats and cheese for lunch and this wine paired quite well compared with the red wine which was being passed around the table as well. I think this wine would be good for barbecuing or picnics over the summer!

Olive Farm Rose.

Olive Farm Rose.

2. Moondah Brook 2011 Rose ($15 at cellar door)

I have reviewed this wine in a previous post and this was the other bottle of the Rose that I had purchased when I was at Houghton’s up in the Swan Valley. I think the heat had slightly destroyed my want for wine on the day, as after a glass of this Rose I shifted to water to try and rehydrate myself. I think this wine went well while I nibbled on cheese and fruit for an afternoon snack but the sea breeze arrived too late for this wine.

Moondah Brook Rose.

Moondah Brook Rose.

3. Ninth Island NV Sparkling

Creamy and zesty on the palate with a dry finish. Not a bad drop but not chilled enough for my liking by the time I had a glass poured which took away some of the magic I think this wine could have had. Still impressed however and really happy I got the chance to try this wine as I had been eyeing it off at work for ages.

Ninth Island NV Sparkling.

Ninth Island NV Sparkling.

4. Tim Adams 2005 Cabernet Merlot

This wine was a delightful way to end Christmas Day as the heat died off and the sea breeze brought in the cooler evening weather, which made for a nice cool evening to have a very late dinner of Christmas leftovers.

The wine had some good body likely from tannins and it’s time in oak which also assisted in part with the smoothness of the wine. The warmth the wine provided to my mouth was likely a result of the quite high alcohol content (14.5%) but it was balanced out nicely so that on the palate berries and a lot of fruit flavours were still present, which were also present on the nose. The wine was thoroughly delightful on the night, however I would have loved to have seen how it would have taken a few extra years of cellaring as it was showing potential for me.

Tim Adams Cabernet Merlot.

Tim Adams Cabernet Merlot.

Feel free to share what you had for Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful festive season!

Until next time!

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