Halliday Day: Week 11- Soumah.

Hi everyone,

I was introduced to Soumah’s wines when I met up with a group of Perth food and wine bloggers for the inaugural meet for our attempt of the Wine Century Challenge, you can read my review of that night here. James Halliday rates Soumah as a 4-star winery in the Australian Wine Companion, and also notes that it is a recent addition to the 2012 edition of the book.

Soumah's Logo.

Soumah’s Logo.

Located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Soumah was established in 1997 as a collaboration in the Butcher family. Those involved in the winery are clearly lovers of wine and are quite partial to the idea or “terroir” which is a French term that is quite hard to describe as it has no English term. Terroir basically it refers to the effect of the region in which the grapes are grown in particular the climate and soil upon the final taste and texture of the wine. It is a very ‘Old World’ term as it implies that the grape growing rather than the wine making is what is most important for the wine.

Location within the Yarra Valley.

Location within the Yarra Valley.

Soumah has made the decision to limit it’s varietals grown on site to ones that have been specifically selected by them for the Yarra Valley region when comparing its climatic and geographical features to that of Europe. The winery lives by it’s mottos of:

 “We concentrate on single Vineyard Wines | We are in a cool climate location | We target quality over quantity | We research, we plant, we nurture | We narrow our varietal focus to: Burgundy and Northern Rhone, and Northern Italy | We strive for savoury, elegant wines | We are partial to blue”

This motto of theirs is clearly seen in their decisions over what is important enough to be included on the wine’s label. Let me say as a person who is beginning to learn the nitty gritty of wines and their making these labels are quite an exciting sight for me and working in retail in the Liquor Industry something that I would love to see become more common as it would really allow people to become more educated about the wines they are drinking. Below are some pictures I took at Steve’s of the label information for the three wines I tried in their range.


Chardonnay Label.

Pinot Noir Label.

Pinot Noir Label.

Savarro Label.

Savarro Label.

I am definitely getting excited for my trip to Melbourne in a few weeks time! I do hope to make it to Soumah while I am in the Yarra Valley so that I can try the few wines that  I missed out on trying at Steve’s.

Hope you all are having a wonderful end of the year! Best wishes for your Christmas and New Year festivities!

Until next time!

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