Sunday Crepe Brunch.

Hi everyone,

BF and I got out the crepe maker that I received as a gift last christmas (and one I have enjoyed using throughout the year) and we decided to finish off the left over bubbly from my graduation dinner. The recipe is nothing flash, we just followed the recipe provided in the instruction manual of the crepe maker.

Making the crepes.

Making the crepes.

The process of making the crepes is a simple as:

1. make the batter.

2. pour the batter onto a plate (the plate in the middle of the above image).

3. flip the crepe maker over into the plate of batter, count to 3 and then flip the crepe maker back over and allow the crepe to cook (as it is doing so in the above image).

4. repeat until batter is all gone.

5. wash and cut up some fresh fruit and serve with cream, ice-cream, maple syrup, sugar, lemon juice, etc.



This device is seriously fool-proof and has led to some delicious brunches. We kept it simple this time with some strawberries, blueberries and bananas along with maple syrup and cream. However in the past there has been some quite complex and intricate arrangements of toppings.

Crepe brunch.

Crepe brunch.

If you know anyone who loves their crepes this is a device I’m sure they would love to receive for Christmas!

Until next time!


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