Wino101: Wine Essential Course – worth it?

Hi everyone,

So you all know that I was provided the opportunity to attend the Wine Essential Course for free in return for sharing my experience with those who read my blog. I wanted to find a way to break down the cost of the course without compromising my views as the course provided free of charge besides the cost of the meal we had in the final class.


I decided to tally up the cost of the wine’s and food tasted in the class (not including the wines which were brought in by other members of the class) and see how they totalled for each week:

Week 1: $138.98, Week 2: $174, Week 3: $166.95, Week 4: Dinner $60 and Wine $269.95

Total: $809.88

(Actual cost of the course: $295.)

Just on the premise of the cost to buy the wine’s tasted individually and the meal at the bistro you are already saving well over 50% of the cost while also receiving an educated walk through of the wine’s and the process of tasting and reviewing them.

When I proposed this breakdown of the cost while writing this post, I was met with comments such as “I am sure you could buy many of these wines by the glass in a restaurant as in the class your really only get a glassful and not the whole bottle; so your calculations are incorrect!” this is true in part as some of these wines may be available by the glass in restaurants but then do we add the cost of your meal to the total? Also the pricing listed for these wines are often the discounted case prices and what it cost to buy them years ago when the Wine Education Centre acquired the bottles. This in turn means that inflation may not have been included. Long story short you can get down to the nitty gritty of the pricing of the wines but even at $10 a glass which is a low average for restaurant pricing for these wines you are looking at $310 for the wines and the meal, so you still are getting value for money when it comes to the course even when looking at the by-the-glass pricing.

The people in my class range from my age to many years older than me as well as across a variety of professions and reasoning behind their decision to attend the course. Some want to learn to pair wine with food as they work in the industry, while others just want to learn something about wine or share the experience with someone. The chance to meet like minded people who loved and enjoyed wine was a pleasure and hopefully I will see some of them again in the future.

This wine course has also provided me with more confidence when it comes to describing, reviewing and determining a wine grape varietal and origin. While I still have plenty still to learn and develop on this topic this course gave me a good foundation to work from. This course has also given me the chance to not only try a generally amazing array of wines as selected for the class tastings but also the chance to try a unique selection of wines as brought in by other members of the class. It is an experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I guess at the start the most honest thing to say is that I was skeptical about the cost of the course, especially given the shortness of the course. However upon completion of the course I personally would say that for me it would have be money well spent for the experiences and confidence I got out of the course. While a lot of the basics from the first week were nothing new to me there was still always the little snippets of new wine facts from people in the class or from our wine educator that made it well worth it.

I would say if you have been eyeing off the courses that the Wine Education Centre provides and you were unsure of which one to pick. I would say personally this 4 week course is what I would pick over the Wine Basics day course if you are looking for a good introduction to wine tasting and different wine varieties, however if my blog is a little to simple in its descriptions than the wine varietal course may be better for you. I have not heard much about the more in-depth courses on red and white wines but many people who I did the class with where considering attending that class next year, and who knows depending on uni and my bank account next year maybe I will see them there!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Wino101: Wine Essential Course – worth it?

  1. Thanks for your final review Charissa! Our courses really are great value and it was interesting to see how you broke down the fee structure for the course – remember we pay for things such as rent and staffing, as well as the cost of the wines!

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