Wild Poppy Cafe, Fremantle

Hi everyone,

This post is quite a belated one. I almost forgot that I had not yet reviewed my breakfast at Wild Poppy’s Cafe that I had with a friend a bit over a month ago. My friend had a Latte and a muffin of the day (sorry I did not grab a photo of her breakfast). I had a pot of Melbourne Breakfast tea and an omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

Omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

Omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach.

The omelette was a little watery and the bread was tough to cut through however it was nice chorizo and a good combination of flavour. Not saying that this was a terrible meal but it was disappointing for me. I do not think I would return to this item on the menu, there were many other items that looked interesting both on the counter and on the menu for me to try at Wild Poppy before returning to the omelette.

Cute teapot cosies.

Cute teapot cosy and china.

The tea was sweet enough without needing any sugar, not that I have it in my tea any more. Melbourne Breakfast was described on the menu as having vanilla and honey tones and boy did it deliver on those! This is a tea that I will happily return to, especially on a cold winter morning! And as for the tea pot cosy and the china cup – I’m a big fan!

Overall the atmosphere of the cafe was nice and laid back for a saturday morning, a perfect location to catch up with an old friend. Will be back for sure!

Until next time!

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