Wine(s) of the Week: Summer Break (week 2)

Hi everyone,

This week has been quite uneventful on the wine tasting after last weekend. I did also come down with a 24ish hour virus which didn’t make me all that inspired to have any wine so unfortunately this post will be rather short and sweet. For those of you who missed my review of the red wines I tried at this week’s Wine Essential’s Class you had see my review of them at this blog.

I did make my first purchase for my future wine cellar this week. I went in the shop to browse and ended up coming out with a bottle of 2003 vintage Dom Pérignon. While it was quite a splurge I must resist this little gem for a few years. Any suggestions on what I should save this little gem for?

Dom Pérignon 2003 vintage.

I also went to Peel Estate Winery yesterday as part of my Wine Essential Course. We had the chance to walk through the vineyard, speak with their senior wine maker Will Nairn, see the winery and finally have a tasting guided by Will of most of their range. There will be a post up on this tour the following Monday.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! Feel free to leave me recommendations of things you think I should try or potential additions to keep my Dom Pérignon company. Also if anyone is interested I will be meeting with a group of Perth wine bloggers on December 12th to begin our Wine Century Challenge and it is not too late to join us! (Note: we are not attempting to do all 100 wines in a single sitting.)

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Wine(s) of the Week: Summer Break (week 2)

  1. quite a radical beginning of a new wine cellar… Have you tried vintage champagne before? I would recommend that you will definitely keep this wine aside for a while, granted that you can store it properly – quiet, dark and cold place, ideally at 48F.

    • It’s tucked away, not quite as cold as what you’ve suggested but it’s as cool as I’ll be able to keep it presently.

      I haven’t tried vintage Champagne before and actually taken note of what I’m trying but I did receive a bottle of 2002 vintage Moët & Chandon for my 21st so I also have that to try. Probably should start with this one before the Dom right?

      • According to the Wine Spectator, the drinking window on DP 2003 is 2016-2038 (here is the description from–2003/wine/114639/detail.aspx). At the same time, 2002 is no slouch by all means – the year has even better ratings than 2003 – I would recommend you will sit on both for a while.
        The reason I asked about your prior experience with vintage champagne is because it has quite a distinct taste – it is typically very different from regular non-vintage champagne. While those two grand bottles will be waiting, you should try to get acquainted with vintage champagne either by getting some cheaper bottles or may be even through some tastings – considering that New Year is getting close, there is a good chance to find Champagne at various wine tastings.

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