How has blogging about wine changed my views on it?

Hi everyone,

I figured seeing as today’s post is my 50th post on this blog that it was time to step back and evaluate how far I have come and changed since beginning this journey with wine (and food).

Things I have learnt:

To give wines a second chance as it seems my palate has come a long way since I first started to drink wine.

My palate with regards to wine is becoming more particular on what it does and does not like, something that will in the future likely hurt my bank account a fair bit.

I’m still quite particular in regards to what I eat but I do hope that through this blog that I will be able to give new foods a chance.

That this blog has allowed me the chance to network with people who I may have never met otherwise – Some people to look out for food and wine in Perth on Facebook are Traveling Corkscrew (also blogs), Perth Wine Enthusiast (amazing wine tasting notes – including many international wines), Perth Food Journal (blogs also).

Perth actually has a lot more to offer than I have given it credit for in the past – a good blog to follow on this topic is Great About Perth (blog | Facebook).

I would just like to take the chance to thank all of you who have read my blog as well as people who have allowed me opportunities to continue to learn more about wine such as the Wine Education Centre of WA.

I will be getting into the kitchen more now that summer is here and I have some free time, expect to see more homemade meals and I’ll start including the recipes if I have followed one.

Review of the Gourmet Escape will be up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “How has blogging about wine changed my views on it?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Charissa! I hope you are geared up for your last week in the Wine Essentials course – a great menu & wines are on offer. I’m looking forward to reading some of the links you have listed, Perth wine bloggers are always a good read.

    Alyce, The Wine Education Centre

    • Thanks Alyce I’m definitely geared up for the final class! Went on the Vineyard and Winery tour yesterday and it was such an amazing experience! Hope you find some new favourites from the links! Perth is really surprising me with what it has to offer!

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