Darbar Indian Nepalese Restaurant, South Fremantle

Hi everyone,

BF took me to a recently opened Indian Nepalese restaurant in South Fremantle to celebrate the what should be my last exam in my bachelors degree. I choose for us to go and try out Danbar Indian Nepalese Restaurant which had recently opened in South Fremantle.

The bubbly I choose was one that I had wanted to try for a few months after having heard from many customers at work last summer that it had fared better in a blind tasting than Moët & Chandon did – unfortunately google could not provide me with any validation of this claim or the article that spurred many customers to purchase the wine at the start of the year.

Cave de Lugny’s Crémant de Bourgogne.

Having never tried Moët & Chandon, which I have read is a similar styled champagne, I therefore cannot compare the two, however I have tried Verve and was not a fan of it so in comparison to Verve the Cave de Lugny scores two wins firstly with my wallet and secondly with my palate!

The Darbar restaurant recently opened this year in what used to be an Italian restaurant on Douro rd in South Fremantle. This has left the decor of the restaurant being a combination of what remained of the Italian restaurant and what Indian and Nepalese features they could add. Decor aside as it has nothing to do with the food. The food was delicious! We began with a starter of Chicken Momo’s and while the momo’s felt a little too doughy and possibly slightly over cooked the sauce that accompanied them was to die for! Their presentation did not match that of Himalayan Nepalese in Victoria Park but the sauce brought back some delicious and familiar memories.


Once the Momo’s had been devoured we received our mains which consisted of a Beef Curry chosen by BF and a Chicken Saag Wala chosen by myself along with rice for two and a giant serving of garlic naan.

Main Meal.

The Beef Curry was very nice, but very mild and I will have to return to see how they do their hotter dishes! I would however quite happily return for this dish again!

Beef Curry.

The Chicken Saag Wala was a dish that consisted of chicken and spinach in a creamy sauce, again not a hint of spiciness to be found, and quite a rich dish. Not what I was expecting when I ordered but still quite a pleasant dish and one which would do even better I’m sure if it was paired with a much hotter dish!

Chicken Saag Wala.

Overall the service was good, they checked in on you without being intrusive. The tables felt quite large in comparison to the Victoria Park Nepalese, however once all the food was on the table the distance was reduced significantly! While the menu is not as extensive at the Victoria Park restaurant, this is a restaurant that I would like to return to in the near future!

Their take-away menu can be found here.

Until next time!

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