Rose Revolution

Last week I had the chance to attend the Perth launch for Rose Revolution, hosted by Plantagenet Wines. The aim of Rose Revolution is to reinvigorate the wine consuming market in Australia to start drinking Rose again. Below is a photo montage of the wines I sampled at the show. Overall I was impressed with the Pinot Noir Rose’s from the Yarra Valley as well as the Grenache based Rose’s. It was disappointing however that for me some of the wines tasted did not live up to the expectations that their bouquet set.

Top 3: Deep Wood, Dandelion Vineyard, Dal Zotto.

All three of the wines shown above were pleasant drops and ones that I would happily return to. Their details and links to their tasting notes can be found in this blog entry. As can my opinion on the wine shown below.

Capital Wines, ‘The Abstainer’ Rose.

Rose is a fabulous wine to drink in the summer months as it is made to be consumed while it is young and chilled. When Rose’s are young they are often fruity – think strawberries and other berries – and can either have a hint of sweetness behind them or be crisp and refreshing if a dry styled Rose (this was the style of Rose on display at the event). Below is an picture and a link to their tasting notes (sorry some of the vintages are incorrect but it should give you an idea of the wine) if I could find them for most of the wines I tried at the event, there were some that I didn’t even bother to take a picture of however. For those who want to understand more of what a Rose wine is this link should hopefully help.

Verdun Park Wines. (Tasting notes could not be found)

Willoughby Park, Rose. (Tasting notes were unavailable online, however this is the same winery for the wine I reviewed in the first post on this blog)

For those of you who want to know more about Rose Revolution check out their website and Facebook page.

Until next time!

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