Edo Japanese, Subiaco.

Hi everyone,

I returned to Edo in Subiaco a few weeks ago with my friend and am pleased to say that our last visit with the unusual chaos of our order being delayed and lost was just a tiny insignificant blimp on the radar for exceptional service at Edo.

Bubble Tea.

We started off the luncheon with a bubble tea each I had the strawberry and my friend had the banana flavour. You will also be happy to know that I got photos this time for you all – big thanks to my friend for reminding me before I dug in!

Katsu Chicken Donburi.

Above is the usual order for me and my friend, I however opted to try something different so you could see another option on their menu. The Katsu Donburi is crumbed meat served with rice and Japanese mayo and is delicious! The Japanese Mayo it comes with is amazing and something I look forward to each time I go to Edo! Below is the Katsu Don Donburi which is Katsu meat with an egg fried on top of the meat, served with rice.

Chicken Katsu Don Donburi.

For the full lunch menu follow the link here with the dinner menu similar but a little more expensive.

I am definitely a fan of this place and will return again!

Until next time!

Edo Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon


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