Halliday Day: Week 6 – Top 100 Wines.

This week saw James Halliday release his ‘Top 100 Wines for 2012’. The list was broken down into 6 categories.

James Halliday.

 1. Best White Wine Under $20 – 20 selected from 38 shortlisted. (200 entered)

2. Best White Wine Over $20 – 20 selected from 56 shortlisted. (219 entered)

3. Best Red Wine Under $20 – 20 selected from 79 shortlisted. (208 entered)

4. Best Red Wine Over $20 – 20 selected from 79 shortlisted. (537 entered)

5. Best Australian Sparking – 8 selected from 22 shortlisted. (75 entered)

6. Best Champagne – 12 selected. (79 entered)

Halliday has done a good job of selecting from a range of different grape varietals under each heading and the linked articles show his views on the grape varietals for the 2011and 2012 vintages as well as his view on the price bracket. While tasting notes are not available without a subscription the list of wines selected can be seen and a quick google will likely bring up many online reviews from other wine critics if one wishes to read more before going out and purchasing.

My  picks from each category are:

1. Peter Lehmann Portrait Eden Valley Riesling Dry 2012 – I had the chance to try this one while doing the Reidel Glass Tasting Session at the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth earlier this year, delightful Riesling.

2. Vasse Felix Heytesbury Margaret River Chardonnay 2011– this wine was named the Wine of the Year in The West Australian’s 2013 Wine Guide. I have not tried this wine either but it is one that I hope to get a chance to taste over the summer months when I head down south.

3. Turkey Flat Barossa Valley Rose 2012 – I have heard plenty of good things about Turkey Flat, especially regarding it’s Rose and while I have not yet tried this one I cannot wait to get my hands on it. If you know where this one is stocked please share!

4. There wasn’t a single wine which stood out in this category, as there were many which I am interested to try as I have not tried any of the wines listed. Let me know if you have tried any of these wines and where I should start!

5. Jansz Tasmania Premium Vintage Rose 2008 – I have not tried this one but I have been eyeing the Jansz at work for quite while, I may have to do some hunting to find the Rose but it is a challenge I can quite easily accept!

6. Dom Pérignon Rosé 2000 – this bottle is my dream wine of the month! It only costs a mere $780 for a single bottle… Anyone feeling generous enough to donate a bottle to me?

Until next time!


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