Wine Essentials Course: Week 1

Hi everyone,

This week I went to my first class in the Wine Essentials Course run by the Wine Education Centre a subsidy of the Wine of Western Australia. This course runs over 5 sessions of two hours. Session 1 focuses on the basics of wine appreciation with Sessions 2 and 3 expanding upon the first session with the focus on tasting and evaluating white and then red wine varietals. Session 4 consists of a meal and George Street Bistro in East Fremantle. The final session is an excursion to a winery, this course the Winery that we will get to visit is the Peel Estate Winery.

The first session saw us do a tasting of 6 different reds and whites from around Australia to get a grasp of how wines are tasted and judged in wine shows.

1. Plantagenet 2011 Riesling, Great Southern, $20.99 – a dry-Riesling which covered all the bases, lacked some fruit on the palate.

2. Tower Estate 2011 Off-Dry Riesling, Tasmania, $28 – a sweet-Riesling which had its sweetness well balanced out with it’s acidity, and more pronounced fruit flavours. I personally preferred this to the first Riesling.

3. Ferngrove 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, Great Southern, $19.99 – the age of the Sauvignon Blanc was quite obvious and the wine lacked the usual ‘punch’ of ripeness that a younger version of this wine would likely have. Not a fan.

4. Pinelli Estate 2011 ‘Breanna’ Rose, Swan Valley, $16 – disappointing and uninteresting Rose definitely in the palate and the bouquet was also lacking in intensity. Not a fan.

5. Turkey Flat 2010 Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre, Barossa Valley, $28 – Inviting bouquet, well balanced on the palate. This wine was a delight and I was excited to finally try a wine from this winery of which I have heard many good things about! This wine was a tie with the second Riesling for favourite wine of the night.

6. Leogate Estate 2009 ‘Broken Back’ Shiraz, Hunter Valley, $26 – this wine was disappointing as the oak overpowered both the bouquet and the palate of the wine, leaving it smelling like damp dirt and tasting very harsh. Not a fan.

Overall the Rieslings and the Turkey Flat Red were the standout wines for the group as a whole. For those of you who have enjoyed my ‘How to Taste like a Pro’ series, this course is a more in-depth look at this topic as well as a brief look at how to pair food and wine. The class is well run, informative and the people partaking in the course come from many varied walks of life and are a pleasure to get to know!

Until next time!

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