Al Dente Pasta, Melville

Hi everyone,

I had a craving for hearty Italian a few Friday’s ago and needed to review a 2009 Frankland River Riesling for Ditch The Pitch which I had picked up at Unwined WA the previous weekend. While I know that the food and wine combination is not your conventional like-with-like pairing that is often recited when considering what to drink with your meal, at the end of the day as long as you are happy then that is all that matters!

Al Dente’s take-away menu can be found here.

BF had the Penne Arribiata (which I forgot to photograph sorry!) and I had the Fettuccine Meatballs and we ordered a serve of garlic bread to share.

Fettuccine Meatballs

I think BF made the better choice, the Arribiata was delicious and while the meatballs were nice and did quell my want of hearty italian I did find it quite bland compared with the chilli in the Arribiata. The garlic bread however was a let down, not enough garlic and it cold by the time we got it home.

The wine was pleasant for a Riesling and had aged alright. While being a smooth there was not a lot of fruit coming through in the wine for me personally. Overall this is not a Riesling I would coma back to, the packaging was not inviting or informative, the wine itself was ‘tired’ and past it’s prime.

My Dinner.

Overall I was impressed with the food, and the quick glimpse I had of the restaurant when I ran in to get the food reminded me of the little restaurants I saw lining the streets in Europe with the checkered table cloths. I will have to return and dine in at Al Dente sometime soon!

Until next time!

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