Halliday Day: Week 4 – Faber Vineyard

I have decided to highlight another Western Australian winery which I first tried at the Blackwood Valley Wine show a few weekends ago. Faber Vineyard is located in the Swan Valley wine region to the north-east of Perth and is a 5-star winery in the 2012 Australian Wine Companion.

Faber Vineyard’s Entry Sign.

Faber was established in 1997 by John Griffiths (former winemaker for well-known Swan Valley winery Houghtons) and his wife Jane Micallef. A wide range of grape varietals have been planted on the property since being purchased in 1997 and are: Verdelho, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Muscat and Petit Verdot. As of 2005 all the grapes produced on the property have been processed on site once the winery had been finished. Faber Vineyard also has two vineyards located in Dwellingup and Frankland River to produce regional specific wines on top of their vineyard production.

Faber Vineyard entered 16 different wines into the 2012 Blackwood Valley Wine Show and received 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals along with a trophy for best red wine which was won by its 2010 Reserve Shiraz. I am curious to try more of the wines that Faber produces and did see them at Unwined WA last weekend (see my highlight post of Unwined WA here), however I have recently purchased a cellar door and lunch deal for their winery from living social so I decided not to visit the Faber stall at Unwined WA to save my first tastes of their wines for when I visit the winery over the summer. So you will have to wait for me to visit before I can give you guys the full run down of their wines. So keep an eye out, as once exams are done with in a week and a half I do hope to get a few trips to the Swan Valley in this summer!

The winery has been consistent with it’s quality and seems to be producing one of the respected Verdehlo’s for the Swan Valley, it’s signature grape varietal. Have you been to this winery? If so let me know what you thought and what I have to try when I do go!

Until next time!


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