2012 Fremantle Festival

Hi everyone!

Those of you who live in Perth may be aware that the Fremantle Festival began last weekend. For those of you who didn’t, it’s ok as the festival is running for a few weeks with different events. I’ll give you a quick highlight of the food and alcohol based events but there are many more events that are clothing, sporting and music based events for people of all ages!

Fremantle Festival 2012.

Friday November 2nd

8pm – late.

Sail & Anchor – Day of the Dead at the Sail & Anchor.

(Live entertainment and 12 beer taps and tiki cocktails across 2 bars)

Saturday November 3rd

9am – 5pm

Town Hall – Barista Competition.

(A competition to find the best barista to represent WA at the national competition in Melbourne.)

Sunday November 4th

10am – 7pm

South Terrace – Coffee Festival.

(South Terrace is shut down and is filled with barristers, spaghetti eating contests and lots of different coffee’s to try)

see this blog post for a more in-depth description of the event.

2012 Coffee Festival Poster.

Saturday November 10th and Sunday November 11th

Noon- 5pm

Sail and Anchor Pub – Beer Royale 2012 and WA Beer Week

(Two days of entertainment and craft beers from across Australia to sample.)

I’ll hopefully make it out to some of these events so come say hi if you see me or let me know what you thought if you go to one of these events! Feel free to send me any reviews and/or pictures you take if you go!

For the full list of events in the 2012 Fremantle Festival go here.

Until next time!


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