Jamie Oliver’s 30+ minute meal

So I’m sure everyone by now has heard of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute recipes. I was given the recipe book for christmas last year and decided that it needed to come out and the challenge of under an hour (I don’t own a food processor so that automatically doubles the time it takes to complete one of his recipes).

The recipe I attempted can be found on pages 44-47 of the book and was called “Wonky Summer Pasta, Herby Salad and Pear Drop Tartlets”

The recipe was quite straight forward, however I’m still not the biggest fan of how the recipes are written in a jumbled together fashion. But other than that the pictures and what is written give you more than enough to go off.

Wonky Summer Pasta.

I used linguini instead of fresh lasagne sheets cut up with a pasta sauce consisting of egg yolks, lemon juice and zest, parmesan and basil. The wonky summer pasta was quite nice, however I think when Jamie Oliver said 2 lemons he didn’t mean two large lemons off the lemon tree. Simple recipe of cook the pasta, chop and mix the ingredients and combine once the pasta was cooked. I personally felt that the pasta could have possibly done with the addition of some meat. For those of you who don’t have the cookbook here is a recipe for a lemony pasta by Jamie which is pretty similar.

Herby Salad.

The salad was a simple out of packet mix of lettuce with a few added herbs, fried prosciutto (couldn’t get pancetta) and a balsamic vinegar and lemon juice dressing. The dressing was alright but nothing amazing, would have been nice to use something other than lemon juice and next time I’d slice the prosciutto up a little more finer.

Pear Drop Tartlets cooking.

The tartlets consisted of pre-made pastry cases, filled with strawberry instead of raspberry jam as the recipe wanted, tinned pears and topped off with meringue. The pastry cases used were definitely not as deep as what Jamie Oliver recommended and when the jam overspilled while they were in the oven I can see why he said to use deep cases. The flavours however were to die for!


I had to do a last minute dash to the shops for Basil and while I was there I decided to pick up a bottle of Riesling. I ended up walking out of the bottle shop with a bottle of Taylors Gewurtztraminer.


The wine was not quite what I was looking for, I had hoped for a Riesling that had a nice acidic bite to go with the zesty meal. This wine instead was quite bland in its flavour, especially when compared with the zesty pasta dish! The wine was quite smooth and had none of the expected acidity from a Riesling.

Final Main Meal.

Between the wine sipping breaks and the quick dash to the shops in the end I am not sure how long it took overall, however once all the ingredients were prepared it was simply a matter of mixing them all together. Quite simply and fool-proof! Not a bad meal overall, but I will definitely have to dial the lemon down next time.

Until next time!


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